My Jam! Episode 5


Okay friends and freaks, let’s talk music for a minute.  As you have undoubtedly noticed while wandering around my site here, music is a very important facet of my life.  It keeps me going, it’s my fuel.  My relationship with Jesus is the oxygen that gets me up and moving, but music is what fills my tank.  I like to share things with you from time to time that I think you need to be listening to.  Today’s song is definitely one you need to have in your life.

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Responding to Clouds.


The other day, you and I discussed the promise of rain. It is an important thing to think about. This idea that, maybe the storm clouds don’t mean God has abandoned you…but that grace is on the way, God is on the way.

God has been putting that thought on my heart for a while now and this morning He opened it up to me even farther. I was reading this morning from the book of Exodus and a passage jumped out at me.

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Simply Gifts


Happy New Year one and all!

I pray you were safe, warm, and happy last night and today as we move into a new year. I was and I want to share my amazement at our God with you.

On the last day of last year (or yesterday), I was invited to lead worship at a small local church.  I was not given a lot of details, which were not required, but this group has recently experienced some pain within the walls of the church and hearts of her people. Continue reading


Has anybody else noticed how, about a month ago, we thought things couldn’t get worse?  And suddenly…it has.  You know how your body, when there are toxins in it, gets really sick to remove the toxins?  It feels like mankind had a all-night rage and got rip-roaring drunk on anger and hatred and now the very planet we inhabit is having the hangover.  It feels like people drank a gallon of milk, ate three pints of Ben & Jerry, and consumed a whole block of cheese knowing very well they were lactose intolerant.  Now our planet is reeling from that decision.  The very ground seems to be crying out, “Please stop!” Continue reading

Little Seeds


“…a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted…”
Ecclesiastes 3:2b

Good morning one and all!  I don’t know where you are or what you’ve got going on your lives this week, but here in North Carolina…our teachers just started preparing for the new school year.  I am not a teacher, but I have spent some time this summer/the last two weeks doing some teaching in various Bible school type situations.  I have also been a part of some amazing and…interesting conversations this summer.  Anyway, during my study time this morning, I came across something I felt needed to be shared. Continue reading

Ellie Holcomb’s “Red Sea Road”

In case you haven’t noticed this on my blog yet, I truly adore music.  It puts me in tune (pun intended) with God, myself, and those around me.  I am currently enrolled in a program to receive a graduate level certificate in worship leadership.  Since I want to be involved with music, I figure I should start keeping a closer watch on big songs and releases in Christian music.  So I’m following the Billboard charts “Hot Christian Songs” and “Christian Airplay”.  I’m also going to start watching new releases through an awesome website (  And I’m planning on utilizing this information on my blog in multiple ways, but the first is this. Continue reading

WORD TO THE WISE: Thanksgiving, Santa, & I Am Second

Well…it has indeed been a while.  I haven’t written a Word to the Wise post in quite some time.  But now they’re back!  Sundays will bring with them copious amounts of coffee, church services, and my weirdly named three object blog posts.  Let’s get started this Sunday, November 27th with a lovely post about three things that have majorly affected my week. Continue reading