Ignorance is Bliss.


Her name is Malak. And it means “angel”.

Clichés are a lot of fun, and this one is no exception.  I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people say this phrase no matter where you are in life.  It’s said about many things and seems to be used less as you grow older, the thought being that you have lost your ignorance and can no longer dwell in the bliss it provides.   Continue reading




Ain’t it the truth!  Good morning friends and fiends!  I hope you all had a great last week (with it’s Monday) and I’m praying this week is even better (with an even awesomer ((yes that is a word (((on this blog at least)))))).  Just wanted to share a word with you this morning because the one thing that truly can’t wreck you Monday is a word from God!  Let this passage from Song of Songs wash over you as the love song Jesus sings over our hearts every day!  And also enjoy the promise that winter has passed and the flowers are coming!  Because…you know…it’s dang cold outside!!!

“Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.  For you, the winter has passed, the snows are over and gone, the flowers appear in the land, the season of joyful songs has come.  The cooing of the turtledove is heard in our land.  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.  Let me see your face.  And let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is beautiful.  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.”
-Song of Songs 2:10-14

Go Without


I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live;
also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil–this is God’s gift to man.”
-Ecclesiastes 3:12-13, ESV

There is nothing I love quite like a road trip.  I put on my favorite music and just…go.  I do a lot of my driving at night and I see some amazing wildlife.  I remember, once, while I was in college at Appalachian State, I took a midnight drive on the parkway and within the same mile I saw two raccoons, a deer, and a coyote.  There is nothing I love quite like wildlife.  Both of these things, wildlife and road trips, bring me joy. Continue reading

The Shack – Devo #2

Day two for “The Shack”!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday.  Yesterday was a song by Lady Antebellum today’s track is from Hillsong.  I love the broad range on this album!  Well…we should probably just get into it!

Devo #2: “Heaven Knows

Okay look…you can listen to this song 500 times and that’ll be great.  But I don’t think this song will fully sink into your heart until you read the lyrics.  This song is so beautiful.  It has other connotations for the movie…but this is a perfect anthem of worship.  These lyrics reach out to God for the things we never have the courage to ask Him for.  But these are the words of a young child’s heart in an adult who isn’t sure how to protect that heart in this world of pain, fear, loss, malice, and contrition. Continue reading

Yellow Balloons – Devo #4

Can you believe it is already Thursday?  I can.  Because I’m writing this on Friday.  See what I did there?  Lets dive into this thing.  This song is awesome!  You’re gonna love it!

Devo #4: “Masterpiece”

This song uses art terms to highlight some of the greatest attributes of our great God.  It’s very masterful.  See what I did there?  Oooh!  I’m on fire this morning.

This coffee sure is working…
Continue reading

One-Way Conversations – Devo #1


This is an album I have been waiting for, for a long time!  And…it did NOT disappoint.  Hollyn is an awesome young lady and I see a long career for this twenty-year-old female powerhouse.  Again, this is her first full-length album…so let’s check it out.

Devo #1: “Can’t Live Without”

Tell me you listened to the song!  Just click that link right up there and check it out.  This girl is on fire.  I mean seriously…Hollyn is on point.  But that’s enough praising her.  Let’s follow her heart and her voice as they point us straight to Jesus. Continue reading