The Jobian Dilemma.


I heard a Bible teacher one time say this phrase: “Unique interpretations are usually wrong”.  His point was that, if someone is offering you a view on Scripture that no one else has had, it’s a sign of danger.  I wrote in my notes next to this phrase, “I disagree”.  And I do.  I believe that, as the Bible teaches, we need to search out everything we hear concerning Scripture and Jesus to make sure that the teaching lines up with Scripture and what we know about the character of God from the person of Jesus (1 John 4:1).

All that being said, in the way of an introduction, I would like to share a thought with you.  I seek to communicate up front that this is a personal thought I had during study this morning.  It is not explicit in Scripture, I did not read it from some great theologian.  I do believe God laid it on my heart and it is thought-provoking.  So I want to share. Continue reading




Ain’t it the truth!  Good morning friends and fiends!  I hope you all had a great last week (with it’s Monday) and I’m praying this week is even better (with an even awesomer ((yes that is a word (((on this blog at least)))))).  Just wanted to share a word with you this morning because the one thing that truly can’t wreck you Monday is a word from God!  Let this passage from Song of Songs wash over you as the love song Jesus sings over our hearts every day!  And also enjoy the promise that winter has passed and the flowers are coming!  Because…you know…it’s dang cold outside!!!

“Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.  For you, the winter has passed, the snows are over and gone, the flowers appear in the land, the season of joyful songs has come.  The cooing of the turtledove is heard in our land.  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.  Let me see your face.  And let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is beautiful.  Come now, my love.  My lovely one, come.”
-Song of Songs 2:10-14

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Happy New Year one and all!

I pray you were safe, warm, and happy last night and today as we move into a new year. I was and I want to share my amazement at our God with you.

On the last day of last year (or yesterday), I was invited to lead worship at a small local church.  I was not given a lot of details, which were not required, but this group has recently experienced some pain within the walls of the church and hearts of her people. Continue reading

Canopy – Devo #5

Perfect timing on this song!

Devo #5: “Siblings”

Oh y’all know I had to talk on this one for a minute.  Turn on the news for a half a second and see that we’re a culture of haters.  A generation of see ya’ laters.  It truly breaks my heart.  And the thing about music in general but especially the rap you hear on the radio is…it adds to that.

Lets just stop and have a quick history lesson.  Did you know that originally, rap music was solely protest music?  Against the government, against inequality, against the things that were keeping lower class urban families down.  Now?   Now it adds new shackles to their arms and feet. Continue reading