Ignorance is Bliss.


Her name is Malak. And it means “angel”.

Clichés are a lot of fun, and this one is no exception.  I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people say this phrase no matter where you are in life.  It’s said about many things and seems to be used less as you grow older, the thought being that you have lost your ignorance and can no longer dwell in the bliss it provides.   Continue reading


The Shack – Devo #3

Good morning children of God!  Are you good?  Let me tell you something: I love coffee and I have discovered a new favorite this week!  If you live in North Carolina and you’re not familiar with Counter Culture Coffee out of Durham…you need to get acquainted with one another!  Mmm!  And if you’re not from North Carolina, hit their website up and get some goodness in your home!  My favorite is the Tairora.  Now, to be honest, it’s the only one I’ve tried.  But hot dang!  Mmm!

Hey…I have an idea.  Let’s get off coffee and get on Jesus shall we?  We’re still talking about “The Shack” soundtrack this week.  And today, we’re looking at track five from the one and only Francesca Battistelli. Continue reading