“The Cove”

There is a wonderful place tucked back in the mountains of Asheville, NC.

If you have never even visited the grounds of Billy Graham’s Training Center at The Cove…you owe yourself.  There are all kinds of wonderful concerts and seminars that you can attend (click here for the calendar of events).  However, you can go most days and visit the chapel on the grounds and it is such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Until some girl shows up with an ukulele.

I had been working on this song for a few…years.  Sometimes they come real quick…but sometimes it takes a few…years.  I knew I was going to be at The Cove for an event the first weekend of August in 2018 and so I pulled my chorus back out and finally had some verses fall out on paper.  While we were on the grounds, I went up to the Chapel and recorded this video.

I pray that this song touches you even if you’ve never been to The Cove.  There are places everyone has in their lives where they can feel God come closer and feel His spirit more freshly.  (Freshly?  Freshly.)  Everyone has a cove.