Happy Monday my friends!

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I’m finally ready to share.  I’m ready to share something that is really, really, REALLY getting on my nerves.  Are you excited?!?  YAY, INTERNET RANTS!!!

But I’m hoping to make this one a little bit different for y’all.  I’m going to back it up with some Scripture.  I’m going to back it up, with Scripture, why Christians need to watch their words and never, ever use the word “salty” again. Continue reading


Purposefully Created.

Beautiful mosaic in Asheville, NC

I have a young friend who is experiencing bullying. It is escalating. And it is crushing me.

Questions swirl in my head: what do we do? How can I help? When have you crossed the line of attacking a child for attacking a child? Just being honest.

What I’ve realized is my main weapon to be used is the weapon of speech. I can’t exactly show up to a school and fight a child…but I can fight the true enemy. I can overwrite the lies being fed to my friend by speaking truth. And reading in Genesis this morning, I found the Truth. It is not just for my friend though, it is for all of us. Continue reading

Overheard. Concerning Netflix.


I.  Love.  Words.

I majored in communcation studies at Appalachian State and that made my love for vocabulary grow so much stronger.  And as I’ve gone through bouts of unemployment and worked various jobs which had nothing to do with my major, I’ve found myself thinking that I wasted time (and somehow, like I had managed to disappointment my diploma.  You know…that piece of paper).

But over the past few months, I have been noticing a super power I have.  I’ve wanted to write about this a couple of times, but couldn’t figure out how to do it gracefully.  But God opened my eyes to it today and it’s time to write. Continue reading

A Side Note

About yesterday.

I wrote a post yesterday and discussed the fact that maybe sometimes God sends the hard thing in life. And I believe that. I believe that my experience with the guy behind me in traffic yesterday was a perspective shift. It was God’s guiding hand saying, “Maggie, look. You’re trying to grow in relationship with me, but there are some hard parts I still need to expose. You haven’t thought about your anger recently and I need us to talk about it.”

I truly believe that.

But I have a friend. Haha, yeah funny…”Oh, Maggie has one friend.” You’re hilarious. Can I talk now? Continue reading

My Wildest Dream

I got on Facebook this morning.  I’d been up for a while so that’s a plus.  I try to make sure that I get God’s Word before I get other words but sometimes I miss.  This morning though, I woke up and did devotions and some daily Bible reading.  I had a cup of tea, some granola, and now I’m working on my first cup of coffee for the day.  But something happened on Facebook that made me need to write.  Haven’t done this in quite sometime but I had something I needed to say. Continue reading

One Question.


“Everyone look happy on 3! And resume hatred of everyone else on 4.”

Let me paint you a picture.

I woke up this morning with my left hand in great pain.  I couldn’t close me fingers enough to make a fist because of the swelling and pain.  Let my boss know I wouldn’t be able to make it to work today and made an appointment with the doctor.  By the time I got to the doctor I could make a fist but it hurt like crazy.  X-rays showed no fractures or anything.  Prescribed a brace.  Got one.

Came home and decided not to waste the day.  I love some people in Charlotte, NC who are going through hell right now.  I can’t fix it.  But I can walk with them.  So I had found a couple of jobs I wanted to apply for.  Amazon is hiring for a warehouse job.  Only no they’re not.  Went through their whole application process just to find out that they don’t have any openings right now.  So I started looking around and slowly but surely the bigger questions started to arise.  What do I even want to do with my life?

Have you ever noticed that is how strangers start conversations?  “So Maggie, what do you do?”

“Well, stranger, I appreciate the fact that you are trying to figure out where I fit in the ranking of acquaintances you have based on monetary value on your assumption of what I make in my current position, but I prefer not to answer this questions because I am a complex individual and that question irritates me.”

I’m working on an updated version of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Anyway, once the deepness set in, I thought I’d just do some career tests.  They helped.  Only no they didn’t.  I did three.  The first one told me I was SACIRE (social, artistic, conventional, investigative, realistic, and enterprising).  As in that is the order of my personality.  The VERY NEXT ONE I TOOK said I was RIASEC.

I’m not laughing.

The next one didn’t make me laugh either.  But it did make me cry a little bit.  It identified the girl that took the test as:

“Feeling stressed out due to her current situation and the demands which are placed on her.  Working to release herself from all things that hold her back or tie her down.  Let down from hopes and dreams being unfulfilled or disappoint her.  Is doubtful and uncertain about the future and weary of choices she needs to make.  Feels conflicted between hope and necessity.”

Y’all.  This skips directly over the classic “hammer hitting nail” cliche and goes straight to trained army sniper nailing an enemy assailant perfect center in the heart from 1,000 yards.  I mean.  I can’t.

And basically…that’s my day.  We’ve had physical pain, we’ve had emotional pain, psychological pain, you name it.  And in the grand scheme of life, it wasn’t a lot of pain and I know that.  But in the grand scheme of my Monday, November 19th, 2018…it’s been overwhelming.  So as I listen to some music and get ready to go watch something that will make me life, let me ask you a question.

What do you do?

Be His.