Lights, Cameras, ACTION!!!

So it’s official.  I just finished my second weirdest song of all times.  Not that the song itself is weird, but that the inspiration for the song is weird.  You see…I’ve written about some pretty interesting things.  Groundhogs, shoes, losing my retainer, mean girls, school mascots, and other songs.  But of all of my inspirations EVER the two most off the wall both belong to motion pictures.  So let’s give out some awards…

The #1 “Most Off The Wall Inspiration for a Maggie Lowe Original Song” goes to…

10893339_detThat’s right folks!!!  Nobody has seen this movie and yet everybody hates it.  I however (and my bestest friend) cannot get enough of this film.  Sandra Bullock is amazing in my favorite roll of her career and I literally had to run out and get myself some red boots after this movie.  But I did write a song about it!  It’s about Red Boots. It’s different.  But it’s actually got a good message and I really love the melody!

Don’t go changing, just to try and please him,
Cause he don’t even know who he is,
Just find somebody, as normal as you,
Who can give you wings and give you roots,
And likes your red boots!

That being said…the #2″Most Off The Wall Inspiration for a Maggie Lowe Original Song” goes to:

North To Alaska - 1958“North to Alaska”.  The 1960 film starring John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs, teen heart-throb Fabian, and in her first film roll, French model Capucine.  I just finished this song moments ago.  But it’s not a song about going North to Alaska (That’s already been done.)  My song is about my favorite line of the movie.  One of the swedish lumberjacks has just made a very aggressive on Angel.  (For those of you who have never seen this movie…first of all, quit living in a box…second of all, Angel is a “Lady of Questionable Repute”.)  Anyway, she is trying to be on the up and up for The Duke’s character (Sam McCord).  So the swedish lumberjack makes an aggressive movie on the fair Angel.  She tries to fight back but isn’t doing to well.  So Sam shows back up…and punches the lumberjack unconscious then sits down to eat his pie with Angel.  She starts asking why he did that and, exasperated, Sam says, “Haven’t you ever had two fellas fight over you before?”  Then Angel, with this very innocent smile on her face replies, “Over me, yes.  But…never for me.”  I love this line.  I love it, I love it, I love IT, I LOVE it!!!  And I got to thinking about that line recently and today it just dawned on me finally, that while that is true of Sam McCord and other manly men who protect their women.  It is so much more true about our heavenly Father and Protector!  Exodus 14:14 says: “The Lord is fighting for you!  So be still!”  (GWT)  It’s so true.  And it’s so wonderful!!!

I’ve never had anyone fight for me,
Risk it all and count nothing as loss,
I’ve never had anyone fight for me,
Let alone give their only son on a cross,
Oh Lord my God you had me at forgiveness and mercy,
I’ve never had anyone fight for me.

Thanks for joining us for this episode of WEIRD INSPIRATION.  We’ll see you next time!





A Story About “A Song About A Stranger”

So last Thursday was Valentine’s Day.  I hope each and everyone of you had a beautiful one!!!  I certainly did!  I went to Asheville with my mom and my aunt.  We ate at Mellow Mushroom, I got a new pair of Toms, and then we went to Billy Graham’s Training Center at The Cove.  If you have never been to The Cove…what are you still doing here?  It’s an amazing place in the North Carolina mountains and I’m pretty sure it has to be one of God’s favorite places based on the amount of beauty He poured into one spot.  We had a charming dinner and then Brandon Heath did an acoustic concert and it was truly outstanding and amazing!  But that’s not the important part.  This is the important part: my mom is a tatter.  Now, for those of you who are thinking I just said my mom does tattoos…no, no.  No.  Tatting is a form of old timey lace making and it is very delicate and beautiful.  The nice thing for mom, is that it’s very VERY small.  She takes it everywhere.  No…but literally.  Doctor’s offices, hospital rooms, weddings, funerals, grocery stores, etc., etc.  So we’re standing in line at dinner and mom is tatting away on some turkey heads.  She makes the bodies later.  But I digress.  We’re chatting and tatting away when suddenly, the lady in line in front of us turns around and says, “What exactly are you doing.”  Now, I could recount our entire conversation together.  But that would be a waste of EVERYONE’S time.  Here’s the important thing.  We talked all the way through the food line, sat with them at dinner, and we had the most amazingly enjoyable time together!!!  So was such a fun lady and she and her husband had the most amazing story!  You’ll hear more about that later.  Because I wrote a song about it.  I’ll be posting it up here on our site today or tomorrow.  It’s a fun beat and I play it on the ukulele so it’s officially one of my favorites!  I’ll be sure and let you know when it’s been posted up so you can check it out and find out more about the experience.

Happy Sunday!