Canopy – Devo #5

Perfect timing on this song!

Devo #5: “Siblings”

Oh y’all know I had to talk on this one for a minute.  Turn on the news for a half a second and see that we’re a culture of haters.  A generation of see ya’ laters.  It truly breaks my heart.  And the thing about music in general but especially the rap you hear on the radio is…it adds to that.

Lets just stop and have a quick history lesson.  Did you know that originally, rap music was solely protest music?  Against the government, against inequality, against the things that were keeping lower class urban families down.  Now?   Now it adds new shackles to their arms and feet. Continue reading


Canopy – Devo #1


Here’s the truth.  No lie.  I’m going to choose the albums I want for my blog for devotions each week.  Which means you are going to exposed to some music you probably wouldn’t have listened to otherwise.  I have a very wide range of musical loves and you’re getting exposed to that early because this week’s CD is a rap album.  Now, the fact is, I hesitate calling these guys “Christian rappers” for two reasons.  First…I know they don’t like it; and second…I’ve heard a lot of preachers speak recently on the fact that the divide between secular in sacred should not exist.  God created all…all is sacred.  While we can choose to defile things, we shouldn’t choose to dissect them into secular and sacred. That being said…I really love Christian rap.  This is a new artist I had actually never heard before this week but his rhymes are awesome, his music is amazing, and his lyrics are spot on.  So this week’s devotions are from some rap.  Now…if that’s something you can’t handle…I look forward to seeing you back next week!  But if you’re up for something new…then let’s get into it! Continue reading