Open Hands – Devo #2

Good morning one and all.  I hope you had a peaceful Monday and I hope you felt Jesus running after you!  I saw this little comic strip this week and I thought I should share it.

I dragged you.jpg

Can I get an amen?  I know I’ve been dragged by the Spirit!  Glory, HALLELUJAH!!!  But I’m tired of Him having to drag me…I’m ready to take a step.  Today, let’s take another look at Laura Story’s new album, specifically track five.

Devo #2: “For the Love of My King”

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Open Hands – Devo #1

I have run y’all all over the place!  We started these devotions with Ellie Holcomb, quiet worshipful Holcomb.  We moved on from their to cover rap with nobigdyl., R&B with Holy, groovy rock with David Dunn, and a lil’ bit o’ e’rething with The Shack soundtrack last week.  So how about this week…we just look at an album by a popular Christian singer.  No stretching here.  Just sit back in your chair…I’m not going to make you try something outside your comfort zone.  I’m just gonna hand you a classic favorite and let you drink deep from still waters.

Enter stage left: Laura Story.

Devo #1: “You Came Running”

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