Red Sea Road – Devo #5

Happy Friday!  Thank you so much for doing this with me this week.  I have very much enjoyed exploring these songs and the scriptures God has highlighted through them.  Today we finish our time on Ellie Holcomb’s album, “Red Sea Road”.  We’re going to be looking at the second to last song from the album. Continue reading


Red Sea Road – Devo #2

Good morning beautiful!  It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and these words are radiating out to you from a hotel room in Plano, Texas.  I’m in this massive state learning about orality (which is a whole other conversation for another time).  But it’s still time for our new line of Devotions based on new releases in Christian music.  This week we’re looking at Ellie Holcomb’s new album “Red Sea Road”.  And can we just take a second to agree on something?

ellie-merge-pr-2017-billboard-1548 Continue reading

Ellie Holcomb’s “Red Sea Road”

In case you haven’t noticed this on my blog yet, I truly adore music.  It puts me in tune (pun intended) with God, myself, and those around me.  I am currently enrolled in a program to receive a graduate level certificate in worship leadership.  Since I want to be involved with music, I figure I should start keeping a closer watch on big songs and releases in Christian music.  So I’m following the Billboard charts “Hot Christian Songs” and “Christian Airplay”.  I’m also going to start watching new releases through an awesome website (  And I’m planning on utilizing this information on my blog in multiple ways, but the first is this. Continue reading