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Happy New Year one and all!

I pray you were safe, warm, and happy last night and today as we move into a new year. I was and I want to share my amazement at our God with you.

On the last day of last year (or yesterday), I was invited to lead worship at a small local church.  I was not given a lot of details, which were not required, but this group has recently experienced some pain within the walls of the church and hearts of her people. Continue reading



Good chilly morning to you all!  I am writing a hasty note to inform anyone who cares that I am leading worship this morning at a church in Mt. Airy.  I am very excited about this opportunity and feel so blessed as I look back over this year and how God has worked together various events to lead to more events.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for next year/tomorrow.

Also, I have some exciting news I will be sharing soon so STAY CLOSE!  Subscribe or follow or do something so you get updates from me!  Love you all!

Love each other.

WORD TO THE WISE: Church Fires, Teenagers, and Larynxes


Well it sure has been a while. But all that matters is that we’re back and it should be better now. So let’s get back at it with the always exciting “Word to the Wise”. And as always, it’s weird.

Church Fires

I love giving names to these Word to the Wise posts.  This one is especially fun because some people say: “Church fires?”  And everyone that goes to church with me says: “CHURCH FIRES?!?!?!?!?”  And then Jesus and I just sit back and laugh and say: “Ha.  Church fires.”  Basically…this is what I mean.  Friday was my new friend’s birthday.  My “new” friend is a church friend.  Her name is Frank.  Actually her name is Savannah…but everybody calls her Frank.  And I think it’s fun.  So anyway, Frank’s birthday was Friday and I didn’t get to see her.  So this morning, as I was packing up all my stuff for church, I packed my Zippo, a yellow star candle, and a cupcake.  Then, as the church members were voting for Deacons…I lit the candle, and gave Frank a cupcake.  The object lesson here is very simple: simple gifts.  Sometimes the little things…are the biggest things.


Now some of you may cringe when I say that word.  And some of you may have a right to.  But for me, this entire summer has been filled to overflowing with some of the most outstanding teenagers in the universe.  It started when I went on a mission trip with my church and got to know several of their youth girls (including Frank).  But it’s especially on my mind right now because I just finished a girls’ retreat.  It was focused on girls from ages 12 to 16 but any-woman was welcome!  It was such an amazing time!  Friday night, I performed all original music and led a short little devotion for the ladies.  Then Saturday, we all came back and worshipped together.  Now, I’ll get into the specifics in a minute, but I messed up the first song…and consequently every other song was messed up from there.  And I worried.  We had a nice little group of girls…but we weren’t five hundred!  But God reminded me that I’m just a little basket of fish and bread.  He gets to decide who it benefits.  When that small(ish) group of girls opened their mouths to praise the Lord…you would’ve thought there were a thousand full grown women in their!  We had some teenagers in love with Jesus at Salem Fork Baptist Church this weekend!  It just reminded me (again) how truly amazing teenagers can be!


Now, you’re not supposed to tell anyone when you mess up singing.  Because hopefully they didn’t notice.  But this is an explanation of how blown away I was by the Spirit and the power of teenage girl voices.  The first song we sang Saturday morning was “Hosanna (Praise is Rising)”.  For those of you who are musical…I performed the song in the key of G.  I later realized I was supposed to sing it, in my range…in the key of D.  For those of you who are not musical, I sang this song THREE keys higher than I was supposed to.  Long story short…I really hurt myself.  My throat is STILL incredibly sore from straining so hard to hit those notes!  But like I said in the teenagers section…I’m just a basket of fish.  Those girls stepped right up and praised Jesus right over and around this goober!  I really wanted to stop singing and just play and listen to those girls!  It was such a blessing.

Pay attention this week for new videos and I’ll see you back here next Sunday for another “Word to the Wise”.

OH How He Loves!!!


Yesterday, I had my first experience leading worship.  It was a women’s retreat in Dobson, NC and it was the first time I played more songs by other people than original songs that I’ve written.  And I didn’t hate it at all!!!  I had always said I didn’t want to do that but I really enjoyed it.  In fact, some of the songs I did spoke to me more than anything I’ve ever sang before!  But anyway.  It was truly an amazing day!!!  The women there were wonderful.  Truly wonderful.  A chorus teacher I worked with in high school was there, one of my favorite ladies I never knew was there, my babysitter’s sister and niece were there, and the speaker was outstanding!  As far as the music was concerned, I wrote a couple of songs especially for the event, but I also did “10,000 Reasons”, “Oh How He Loves”, “Heaven Song”, and some others.  But “Oh How He Loves”.  I didn’t have access to an orchestra or a piano or an electric guitar or even percussion.  It was just me and my Taylor.  And it was a truly amazing experience.  I can really lose myself in that song when I’m singing it.  It was such a tremendous reminder of God’s love, His presence, and His purpose.  And now I am SO looking forward to doing more events like this in the future!