A Pruned Prune.

We’re going to take a John 9 break today to talk about…John 15. But only like, a couple verses okay? I’m not trying to confuse you about the different Johnial chapters we’re talking about!

Anyway, my morning reading was in John 15 this morning and…oh. Man. Again, we’re talking about a passage of Scripture I’ve heard a billion times but today, in The Passion Translation, it came home to live in my heart. Continue reading


John Chapter 9 Episode 2

I’m thinking about changing the name of my blog to “She Cries Sometimes” or maybe just “She Cries A Lot”. I feel a need and a desire to start being more honest in my writing and more honest in my daily dealings. And if I’m being honest…she cries sometimes.

But the beautiful thing that is opening up to my heart and my eyes recently is this: Jesus doesn’t mind it. Our God isn’t turned off or away by tears. He cried them. He was anointed by a woman’s tears. Jesus is big enough to face my tears, and as His child, I am strong enough to cry them when I need to but then march back out and fight, fight, fight!

We’re not here to talk about that though. We are here, my friends, to talk about our story from John chapter 9. We’re here to talk about a blind man.blind Continue reading


Hi again!  I wanted to reach out and let you know we’re going to be doing something a little different this week.  This morning, my reading was John chapter 9…and I think I’m in love.  So all week, we’re going to be looking at different aspects of this story that really struck a chord with me!  Be sure to follow along!  And if we aren’t Instagram pals yet, go give that a follow as I will also be doing some companion videos throughout the week.  WOO HOO!!!

Take This Cup.

Let me tell you a little bit about how my mind works.  And maybe…just maybe…you can relate?

You see, I quite often get caught up in issues I’m having like I shared in my last post.  And one thing I’m trying to grow in is the ability to set those things aside and identify all that’s going right in my life.  But my mind doesn’t work that way.  My mind doesn’t gravitate toward good things; it grasps at bad things.  If you want to get enneagramy with it…I’m a 4.  A four is described as “the individualist; the sensitive introspective type; dramatic; expressive; self-absorbed”.  That’s enough of that.  That description is a wonderful example though!  I don’t move toward good tangible things, I sit on hard emotional things (that introspection though).  And for me, I believe the “self-absorbed” part refers more directly to my ability to shut out all the sunshine and rainbows and focus on the one tiny cloud in my emotional sky.  It might not be a very big cloud…but it’s there and that’s enough for me to fixate on and ruin a whole day.

All that just to say this: I’m having to work really hard lately to find good things.  And I don’t win every day, but sometimes I do.  And I don’t find them every time…sometimes they find me.

Like this video. Continue reading

The Problem with Jesus

You want to know a problem I’ve noticed in my life recently? We’re all defensive. Everyone is running around talking about divisiveness…but I think even divisiveness roots back to the other “D” word. Defensive. And as a Christian, I see that Christians are possibly the most defensive of all. We are always on the look out for what you might be saying that goes against our belief system. And I’m done with it. You know why? Because I titled this post with a phrase I’m feeling right now, a phrase that I had my defenses up against, and that other people are going to get defensive over, but I have realized…it is an acceptable statement to make.

Y’all…there’s a problem with Jesus. Continue reading



Happy Monday my friends!

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I’m finally ready to share.  I’m ready to share something that is really, really, REALLY getting on my nerves.  Are you excited?!?  YAY, INTERNET RANTS!!!

But I’m hoping to make this one a little bit different for y’all.  I’m going to back it up with some Scripture.  I’m going to back it up, with Scripture, why Christians need to watch their words and never, ever use the word “salty” again. Continue reading