John Chapter 9 Episode 5

Alright my friends, today this journey ends. Our in depth look at the ninth chapter of the Gospel of John that started six months ago and took up five posts. What an adventure it has been, right? This story that we’ve heard so many times and read so many times received new life for me back in October. I hope that the thoughts I’ve shared on this true story have done the same thing for you. But we have one more episode in this chapter.

Right this minute, our young man has been healed, abandoned by his parents, betrayed by his church, and left to his own devices. He was kicked out of church for believing the best of the man who healed him.

What would you be doing? Would you be looking for the man that healed you? Maybe you would just be standing outside the church thinking, “did that really just happen”? Maybe you’d be some place by yourself, having a cry. That’s what I’d probably be doing. But we don’t know what our friend did. The Bible doesn’t tell us. John is not concerned about what the young man did. His concern is with what Jesus did.

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John Chapter 9 Episode 4

You know how TV shows usually have a break mid season? It’s usually a cliff hanger and leaves you hating everyone involved with the show for doing that to you. Well…I apologize for being one of those people.

Back in October of last year we started talking about John chapter 9. God blew my mind and opened my eyes (pun intended) to some amazing things in that chapter and the story we’ve all heard a thousand times. In some quiet quarantine study time I’ve decided I want to start writing through a book of the Bible, but realized I really shouldn’t start something new until we finish digging through John chapter 9. You can read (or re-read) the first three episodes by looking back at the blog or scrolling to the end of this post where I will post links. At the very least I encourage you to go read verses 1-16 right quick. That’s where we left off. Let’s pick the story back up in 17.

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