Nothing to Say.

This is a manifesto of sorts.  I encourage you to go to Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube and listen to “Need You More (Live)” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit.  It is the soundtrack of my revolution.

Some people have spoken to me about the lack of blog posts recently.  It’s very simple really.  I’ve had nothing to say.

Not that I haven’t had anything happening in my life that is worth talking about and not that I haven’t learned things that would be beneficial to share with others as education.

I’ve had nothing to say in that all of my problems have been crawling through my life and up my back like an enemy horde without any sign of an end to the attack.  It has been some outer attack but a lot of it is simply the things I tell myself.  The tracks that get stuck on endless repeat in my mind.  They are in my own voice, which quite frankly makes it harder to realize they are lies from the Father of Liars.  But they are.

So I haven’t said anything, because I had nothing to say.

I like being able to wrap it all in a pretty bow when I write…and I lost my bow.

But I’m learning something very important…write it anyway.

Write about the greatness and gloriousness of our Royal King and our personal royal heritage in the middle of the attack.  Talk about it when you’re not even really sure that it’s still true.  And the louder those lies become, the louder you need to be screaming it from the rooftops and the dungeons that you find yourself in.

So maybe it isn’t that I had nothing to say…maybe I had too much.
But it’s all becoming more manageable now.
So let’s write about it.

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