Hall Pass

I love it when I’m just reading along, doing my part to stay in relationship with God and He shows up like, “Hey. Thanks for meeting me here. I know you’ve been struggling with x, y, z, and I want you to know that I see that. Here’s a gift!” Words from thousands of years ago then collide with emotions of today and something magical happens.

Which is exactly what happened for me this morning in the fourth chapter of 2 Corinthians.

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We have discussed this a great many times on this blog, but I love Bible translations.  I don’t think you can read Scripture in too many ways.  The more words used to convey what the Bible is saying, the closer we come to understanding the fullness of what is said.  Today, I discovered a new perfect example. Continue reading


I want to talk about a song tonight.  If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll be able to read the lyrics and listen to the song/watch the video.

But for now, let’s talk about this word (which happens to be the title of the song).


Do you have any?  I sure do.  I’ve got a scar on my hand from where I was working out one day and actually hit my hand with my own fingernail and ripped a chunk of flesh out of my hand.  I’ve got another one on my leg from my sweet, sweet pupper.  And a small one on my forehead from trying to cram a car door through my eyeball.  Luckily, I was unsuccessful. Continue reading