WORD TO THE WISE: Outside, Syria, & Fish and Chips

Happy Sunday my friends! I am particularly excited about this Sunday. In a spectacular “look at God!” Last-minute turn of events, I am headed to South Carolina tonight with two very special ladies to sit in the audience of two other very special ladies. Jennie Allen is one amazing speaker and teacher and Christy Nockels has the sweetest spirit of worship leadership I’ve experienced! I’m so excited!

But we can talk about them next Sunday! This post is about the great things of the past week (although I am listening to Christy as I write today).


This week I was reminded of the fact that God created me personally to need time outside. I’m realizing more and more that our God likes to show off! For me, that translates to Him bringing a lot of wildlife my way when I’m outside. Here’s why. God is worthy and jealous of our praise. He knows He made good things and I believe He brings me animals because He loves them and thinks they are amazing! And the highest praise I bring is feeling joy akin to the joy He feels over His creation. Monday of this week, I went for a hike with my dog and basically it was like being at the zoo! We saw squirrels, a snake, turkey, ducks, a beaver dam, a tiny turtle, a tiny frog, and much more. Thursday, I went fishing. I saw a lot of fish and caught two beautiful big ones. I love outside!!!


This isn’t a good thing from the last week but it is a reminder. American troops were pulled out of the northern border area of Syria this week. Within hours of their removal, Turkey began to bomb Syria starting a new war and beginning what will be a new flood of refugees that could reach 2 million in number. Prayers are necessary. Funds are needed. I’ve written about Preemptive Love before, but it is an organization I support and believe in. They are a safe place to put our money where our hearts are. I believe people want to make a difference but don’t necessarily know how. This is an organization you can trust your money with. They will take your money and make your difference. Please give and extend the love of God by clicking the link: https://preemptivelove.org

Fish and Chips

Y’all. Sometime last week at 10:30 at night, I was thinking about what I wanted to eat for “dinner” and I decided on fish and chips. Since then, I have gone through two boxes of frozen fish filets and two bags of potatoes.  I have also repeatedly shown up for work with my own bottle of ketchup and my own bottle of vinegar.  You know…for my fish and chips.

It can be the simplest of things my friends.

It can be a tiny frog.


Or a small offering.


Or fish and chips.


Whatever it is…
Let it be.

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