WORD TO THE WISE: Tears, Coffee, and Pink Elephants.

I’m not really sure what possessed me to start this particular series on my blog, but it’s kind of fun.  I haven’t done it in a minute though, so let me remind you how it works/make up new rules about what this is going to be!

Every week, I’ll (try to) make a post called WORD TO THE WISE.  It will then be followed by three words/word sets that don’t make any sense together.  For example, the first-ever “WORD TO THE WISE”  was “Manna, Judas, and Smash Mouth” (if you need to read that again, click here).  This week, in particular, we’re going to talk about a few things that have made my hard week a little bit better.


So, I just said let’s talk about some things that have made my week better…and now I typed the word “tears”.  But you know what?  Tears can really help sometimes, man!  Just look at Jesus.  The one thing we talk about a lot is that verse where “Jesus wept”.  But that isn’t the only time Jesus cried in Scripture.  He cried when His friends hurt, He cried when things just got too hard, and He cried because nobody got it!!!  Y’all…I’ve literally cried over all three of these things at some point this week!  And that’s why tears can really come in and make it better.  Because I know that I’m not alone!  Jesus, the Christ-Son of God cried tears over things I cry over.

And you know what else?  Tears don’t ruin anything.  I shared last week about a day of emotional purgatory I experienced.  And as recently as this year, I have been able to convince myself that completely losing it emotionally meant I was failing to trust Jesus.  However, as I was crying last Thursday, I felt an overwhelming peace surrounding this thought of mine.  I wasn’t failing to trust Jesus.  Just because we cry and hurt and get angry doesn’t mean we aren’t trusting.  But trusting…feels a lot like fighting.  And fighting hurts.  Then we look to Jesus, and we see Him in great agony in the garden of Gethsemane, and we see Him crying over Lazarus, and suddenly it clicks!  We are not failing to trust Jesus…it’s just that trusting Jesus isn’t failing to be hard.  He promised it would be!

So my friend, whatever you are going through currently…keep trusting.  Keep fighting.  Then, in those moments when it’s all too much…cry.  Lose it!  Lay down on the floor and wash the carpet.  Then hear Jesus whispering over you, “I’ve been there.  I see you.  I love you.  Let’s do this.”  And when you stand back up, you stand up not a failure…but a fighter.  A fighter who already knows the victory is ours.


I also have already written about my favorite liquid this week!  I cannot overemphasize the amazing qualities of “Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee” though.  So I’m back to tell you how much coffee has meant to me this week!  I’ve enjoyed several cups at home.  I’ve enjoyed even more cups at the coffee shop I work at.  I’ve tried new things and found even more new things I can’t wait to try.  Coffee isn’t just a dark beverage…it’s a carrier of light in many ways and for many different groups of people.  I just love it and what it’s doing for the world.  This is your reminder!

Pink Elephants

Have you ever noticed, that quite often, the things that bring you the most joy in all the world are unbelievably simple and cheap?  I feel like this is probably even true for people who have more money than me…like they love buying expensive things but then it’s some little trinket they’ve had for years that always makes them smile.  For me…its currently Pink Elephants.  Okay, now…quit looking at each other like I’m on some kind of drugs or something!  I get my Pink Elephants from the Soda Shop in Davidson, NC.  It is the sweetest little old school soda shop you could ever dream of!  They’re still hand spinning milkshakes and flipping burgers and making their own beverage concoctions.  Like the Pink Elephant.  The Pink Elephant is a Sprite with a healthy dose of strawberry syrup.  And my friends!  It is absolutely delicious!  It brings me such happiness that they may have started asking when I get there if I want one.  (P.S. The answer is always yes.)

Let it be.

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