The Word

In the beginning was The Word.
And The Word was with God.
And The Word was God.


The book of John begins with the lyrical prose of these words.  These words concerning The Word.  These words concerning Logos.  The Greek word meaning “a word (as embodying an idea), a statement” from a root word meaning “speaking to a conclusion“.

Jesus.  The expression of God’s thoughts.

In some reading recently, I came across an article.  In The Jesus Bible that was put together by Passion ministries, there is an article entitled “Jesus Created Everything and Holds it All Together”.  Towards the end of the article, I read these words:

“The Word of God — the very agent God used to create all things — took on flesh and made his dwelling on earth in the person of Jesus Christ.”

This absolutely blew my mind.  We talk about John chapter one and we talk about Genesis chapter one and we use the word “word” a lot…but I had never watched someone connect the two dots.  God spoke our entire existence into being with words.  And Jesus is described as The Word.

With God, there are no coincidences.  Only miracles.

But there is a third anchor point.  I found it today.  We know that The Word of God brought the universe into existence.  We know that Jesus is The Word of God.  So, when we are reading in the New Testament and we see time after time that Jesus heals people and casts out demons and calms storms and raises the dead and that He does it by speaking words…what are we to make of that?  Why does The Word speak words?

Because in every story from the first page to the final page, The Word always has been, and always will remain the same.


The Holy Word of God made flesh, was the creating force of all things and undoubtedly had the power within Him to heal all ailments by simply manifesting Himself on our planet.  But He knows what we need.  Even before we ask.  And He knows that our hearts are desperate…for words.  We have to hear truths to bring them into our lives and start to truly believe.

So God spoke The Word, and the planet formed.
And Jesus is The Word, and His body formed.
And Jesus spoke the words, and everything fell under His authority.
Until God gave The Word, and Jesus died under His authority.
Then death and hell were fooled…they thought they finally had The Word.
But The Word would have the final word.

Let it be.

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