Up & Out

About church yesterday.

I tried a new church yesterday and the pastor said something that kind of struck me pretty hard. I attended a wonderful conference over the weekend and my heart is visiting some things and some places it has never been before. I’m so free y’all. Jesus loves me…this I love.

But I digress. The thing the pastor pointed out, was how Christians use this language that says new Christians are “so cute” with their passion. And at some point (when, where, and why!?) we decide it is time to

settle in and settle down.


We decide that is what maturity brings. We decide that maturity creates Christians who stand at attention in well lit and well ventilated spaces like a well choreographed military unit.

But about coffee today.

I’m up in Boone, NC this morning and I’m hanging out at Hatchet Coffee (adoration). I’m reading Annie F. Downs (adoration). I’m reading her book Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments That Matter and as I’m reading her words about being freed by Zumba…she dropped it. She dropped the words I needed. Annie, if by some grace of God you are reading this, you always drop the words I need, but this time.

Mmm, mmm, good!

At what point do we decide that fully liberated, loved, and graced people show maturity by settling in and settling down when people who were hell bound and now heaven bought ought to be showing up and showing out.

Bruh. YAS.

That picture of settled Christians, well lit and well ventilated and well choreographed military. Let me repaint that for you.

Are you familiar with berserkers?

According to Norse mythology, they were an army of men who went so insane in battle that they basically slipped into a trance. Though not a lot is concretely known, there is some agreement that the term “berserker” might have come from a battalion of men who wore no armor and carried no shields. They just

Showed out and show up.

Dude. I want to be THAT kind of Christian. I don’t want to settle down and settle in…I want to show up and show out.

You know who settled down? The Pharisees. The tied their relationship up in so many chains that all that was left was to stand piously in the corner while real faith chomped at the bit hoping for us a slight crack of the door to leave room to get in!

You know who settled in? Peter. Peter settled in to the idea that life with Jesus was life from now on and when Christ started speaking of His death, Peter told Jesus, Emmanuel God with us…to just settle down. And Jesus called him satan. And I don’t want Jesus to say that of me.

But hey…you know who showed up? Anna. Anna the prophetess showed up to the Temple despite her lonely, broken-hearted life. Widowed and barren, this woman came to the Temple because she knew that’s where she would find God. And what happened? She met baby Jesus. She came hurting, she left hopeful.

And you know who showed out? Ya’ man Paul. Paul was so drastically and radically changed by the Lord that he had no choice but to show the outward effects of his salvation.

Christians. Don’t settle down. Don’t settle in. As a matter of fact, “settling” in any way should have NO place in the life of a Christian.

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”
-Gal. 5:1 (MSG)

Never, never, NEVER settle for the slavery you have been freed from.

We are brave, free children of the most high God. We don’t settle. We show it.

Let it be.

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