Purposefully Created.

Beautiful mosaic in Asheville, NC

I have a young friend who is experiencing bullying. It is escalating. And it is crushing me.

Questions swirl in my head: what do we do? How can I help? When have you crossed the line of attacking a child for attacking a child? Just being honest.

What I’ve realized is my main weapon to be used is the weapon of speech. I can’t exactly show up to a school and fight a child…but I can fight the true enemy. I can overwrite the lies being fed to my friend by speaking truth. And reading in Genesis this morning, I found the Truth. It is not just for my friend though, it is for all of us.

For six and a half days, in the creation story, God’s voice got everything done. He just spoke things into being and the incomparable power of His voice accomplished amazing feats: light, sky, earth & plants, days, birds & whales, animals & us, rest. But on that sixth day, He got a little extra.

“God formed Man out of dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life.”
Genesis 2:7

When it came to us, God got His hands dirty so He could make something beautiful.

It can be too easy sometimes to separate ourselves out of the Bible and think, “What a pretty story…but what about me?”

When you were created, my friend, our great God reached deep into the soil of your creation, your parents DNA, and He grabbed infinite handfuls of what would most benefit His Kingdom and your relationship with Him, and He used those characteristics to form a person. Like He did with clay all those lifetimes ago when Adam went from play doh to patriarch.

He then looked lovingly at your lifeless body before leaning in close, and kissing you to life. That first deep breath you receive in life is not oxygen, but the exhale of your Creator.

And suddenly…life.

Life alive because of the hands and breath of our God.

Life alive because God created something of Himself for Himself.

God created human beings;
He created them godlike…”

Genesis 1:27

I cannot stop bullying (although I can give it my best shot, and something must be done).

But I, being “godlike” have the ability to speak life. I have the responsibility to overwrite the lies being spoken into my young friend with the Truth of Scripture.

You bear the voice of God.
You bear the hand of God.
You bear the breath of God.

You are God’s favorite thing.

Let it be.

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