My Jam! Episode 5


Okay friends and freaks, let’s talk music for a minute.  As you have undoubtedly noticed while wandering around my site here, music is a very important facet of my life.  It keeps me going, it’s my fuel.  My relationship with Jesus is the oxygen that gets me up and moving, but music is what fills my tank.  I like to share things with you from time to time that I think you need to be listening to.  Today’s song is definitely one you need to have in your life.

I have been a fan of Will Reagan and United Pursuit for a while now.  I like his abstract style both in songwriting, singing, playing, and fashion.  By the way, Reagan is the main singer on this video.  But this particular song knocked my fan meter off the charts.  From the simplicity of the lyrics to their raw honesty and the “background players,” let’s have a quick chat about what is most fantastic about this track.

First of all, I love that Reagan has no problem sharing the microphone.  He comes in with his smooth, rich, unique vocal.  He than passes the mic to his guitar player for a little non-sensical praise and worship.  It’s about the heart attitude remember.  Then they let their girl go and she rocks out a bit of sass in her praise.  They come back to the refrain and then head over to the guitar player again.  All the while, that multi-national choir surrounding them adds to the experience again.

The musicians are top notch as well.  The riff on the guitar that starts the piece is beautiful and melodic.  The drummer is fantastic; he knows how to lay back and still be everywhere, which is the job of a great percussionist.  And the keys player?  Ain’t no words.

The fact of the matter is, this whole video is an experience in itself.  And I am sure that the church they were in, had lifted up off its foundations by the end of the song.  You can feel the Spirit in the room…from your own room.

There are several other songs from this set of recordings on YouTube and I would suggest that you check them all out.  This one resonates with me most however because of the subject matter.  We’ve lost our joy.  And we need to get it back.

Be His.

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