WORD TO THE WISE: Internet, Betta Fish, and Floyd, VA.

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a blessed week. I also hope you had the opportunity to enjoy the first week of Live Line Devotions. We discussed “Insignificant Sins” and how the little sins we harbor in our lives can cause some big problems when left unchecked. Be sure and check those out by clicking up in the menu bar or going to my YouTube channel! I’m excited about them and what the future holds. But enough about that! Let’s look at this week’s wise words.


As you might’ve already known, there is a very important factor to live streaming videos. The devotion series I mentioned above was a series of live social media videos that were broadcasted on Facebook and on Instagram. The first two went really well! Wednesday night, however…the problems began. I was at someone else’s house and the internet just didn’t work very well at all. Thursday I was back home…but with the same problem. On top of the live videos not working well, the recorded videos I attempted to upload to YouTube took for-literal-ever!!! Friday, another poor night followed by ice cream (since Thursday’s bad night was followed by a break down).

Let me take a minute to claim something though: I feel like these are something God is wanting me to do. I was amazed at the response even with the crumby internet reception. So…shut up Satan. Imma keep doing them. Thank you. That is all.

Betta Fish

As I mentioned, Thursday’s rough night of broadcasting lead to a break down. There was crying and copious amounts of snot. TMI. Anyway…Friday I tried to have a normal day and it was mediumly successful. My mother had a lunch date with a friend and when she came home she had a new friend for me. He is a beautiful Betta fish that we have named Horatio Spoffard (but we call him Spaffy). I had recently re-read the story of the “It Is Well” songwriter in a devotion I was doing and my current emotional state definitely resonated with Spaffy. He’s really pretty. And kinda feisty!

Floyd, VA

On a beautiful fall Saturday in October of 2016, my mother and I had a day of adventure. First, we took my sweet dog and hiked my favorite trail at the Rocky Knob Recreation Area. The three mile loop has various kinds of scenery, and on this particular day gave us a little rain sprinkle, mostly sun, and a light wind snow shower at the end of our hike. It was magical, we then went to the Floyd, VA farmer’s market and ended the day at Stuart, VA’s apple dumpling festival. It was a glorious day. We came to fully understand the gloriousness of it the very following Wednesday when my father suffered his fatal heart attack. The next two weeks of fighting for his life would’ve left us more spent than it did if it hadn’t been for that pre-rest. That God ordained “quiet before the storm”.

To this day, visiting Floyd’s farmer’s market is like a salve to my soul. Floyd is a laid back town to begin with, their Farmer’s Market offers an amazing selection of home grown and house baked goods that will knock your socks off, and to end the day you grab a cup of coffee from the Red Rooster Coffee Roasters and you’ve had a wonderful experience. Yesterday, we went to our first farmer’s market of the year. Once again…it was the respite my body needed.

What God does for the spirit…Floyd, VA does for the health.

Be His.

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