The Widow’s Mite


©James C. Christensen 

I have recently started attending Elevation Church Winston-Salem. (Woo, WOO!). After deciding that I wanted to continue attending, I also decided it was time to get involved in one of their small groups which they call E-groups. Being unemployed and not wanting to make the hour long drive to Winston twice a week, my options were kind of slim. Until the “Seek and Pursue” E-group opened up in King. YAY! I have been twice now and I am already amazed at the friendship and Christian love extended by these people.

But last night, we were talking about a Bible story. It’s a story that I’ve seen hundreds of times and it’s a story that Holly Furtick spoke on during the special Mother’s Day sermon. It is the story of the widow’s mite. Now you get it! Continue reading


Street Festival Today!

Today, I am doing a thing that is going to be very bittersweet.

I played at Mayfest for the first time on Mother’s Day of 2009.  I remember because I had the sweet ladies of my freshman dorm floor tell me about their moms and wrote a Mother’s Day song based on what they had to say.

Since 2009, I have missed two years.  The last two years.  I missed 2016 because I was working and I missed 2017…not sure why but did.  This year though…I’M BACK!!!

Today at 1:00 I take the stage to perform an hour of some of my favorite songs, including the time tested Mother’s Day song I wrote back in 2009.

But today marks another event.  An event I am not happy about.

Today is the first time I will perform at Mayfest without the musical accompaniment of my father.  I will be playing his guitar.  I will be singing through the microphone he bought me for my birthday a few years ago.  I will be singing some songs he approved of and some he never got a chance to hear.  I will be making music because he raised me to love music.  It will be hard.  But it will be wonderful.

I hope you can come out and join us.  It’s gonna be hot y’all.  But we are going to worship God and have a wonderful time and even praise our mothers a little bit!  They deserve it after all.  And after all of the focus I have placed on the fact that my dad won’t be there for the first time in seven years…he will be.

He will be backing me up on a heavenly guitar.  And Gods gonna be dancing.  And they’re both going to be shouting with smiles on their faces:

“That’s my girl!”

Be His.




Suggested listening: “If I Don’t Have You” by Love & The Outcome

In 2017, my mom and I went to the “Rock and Worship Roadshow” in Charlottesville, VA. It was awesome.  The lineup was amazingly ridiculous!  Passion, Francesca Battistelli, Derek Minor, Jordan Feliz, Rend Collective, Family Force 5, Urban Rescue, and Steven Curtis Chapman himself!  It was wonderful.  And at the end of the night, everyone came on stage together and sang.  And I snagged this picture.  All I had was my phone, and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be…but I snapped.  I’m so glad I did.

I want to talk to you for a minute about outcomes today.  Two people I really respect when it comes to faith thoughts have recently spoken to me about outcomes.  The first one, said the second half and the second one said the first half.  If it’s okay, I’m going to put them in the correct order. Continue reading

Women’s Conference Today!

Hello one and all!

Today I am off to speak at a women’s conference in Sparta, NC.  The subject of the conference is joy, and if I’m being honest, I was asked to have a title prepared before I was prepared to prepare a title.  What?

Basically, I usually name a talk after I figure out what it’s going to be about.  This time, it was the other way around.  But, amazingly enough, God gave me a title…and then He pulled the words together and managed to somehow use me in the whole process.

The title of my session is “ReJoy”.  No, you didn’t read it wrong!  It isn’t “rejoice” but “ReJoy”.  I’ll be posting the whole session up soon so be on the look out for that!  Pray today that women would learn about joy, which is so foundational to our faith.  As Billy Sunday, the 20th-century pro-baseball player turned evangelist, said, “If you have no joy in your religion, there’s a leak in your Christianity somewhere.”

To that end, I was listening to a new worship band as I was getting ready this morning, and I think this song pretty accurately captures this idea of joy and ReJoy.  So enJoy.

Be His.



I wanna talk about Job today.  Just for the sake of the discussion, I’m going to assume someone is reading this who has never heard of Job.  Job is a character in the Bible; he actually has his own book in the First Testament.  If I were to boil Job’s story down it would sound like this:

Job was a good man and loved God.  Satan wanted to make Job curse and deny God so God allowed Satan to test Job.  In one day, in just a short time span of that day, Job lost his fortune, his family, and his fitness…but never his faith.

That’s the HYPER-condensed story of Job (I would encourage you to click here and go read the entire book of Job if you haven’t before.)  When people read the story of Job there are two usual responses: 1) look how holy Job was! and/or 2) look what God allowed Job to go through. Continue reading

Test the Test.


I have a bulletin board on my desk.  What do you want from me?  I have cinderblock walls and poster tabs don’t work well!  Anyway…on that bulletin board I have a small piece of paper with a word on it.


God has revealed to me over the past few weeks that this is our word for the year.  Over and over, He has been encouraging me to shift my perspective, and then…oh then!  Let’s just say I shift my perspective and He blows. my. mind. Continue reading