My Jam: “His Heart Beats” by Andrew Peterson


Picture it: Monday morning, May 28th, 7:44 am. I’ve just finished getting ready for my day and I am preparing to have some breakfast. While I’m making breakfast, I want some music, so I go to my Spotify account. I take a look at “Saved Albums” which is mostly new stuff I haven’t listened to yet. The CD title is the first thing to catch my eye. “Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1”. The next thing I notice is the artist name. I’ve heard good things about Andrew Peterson, so I figure, “Seems like good bacon-sandwich-making music!”

Little did I know some strongholds were about to crumble to the beat of a song.
Little did I know I was about to be transformed before my breakfast.

The first song on the album is, “His Heart Beats”. I didn’t make it past that song before my Monday was changed forever. I want to share it so your Wednesday might also be changed.

I need you to listen to this song because I can’t explain what it is going to do to you. You just need to experience it.

As a music lover, let’s just talk about the music for a minute. Narratively, this song is taking place as Jesus comes back to life after the crucifixion. The music of this song communicates that. This is the song you hear over the part of the documentary when they put together a montage of spring arriving. Such a feast of sounds in this song! The deep, heavy drums supporting the hammered dulcimer and the synthesizers that give an air of flutes and assorted woodwinds. The break down on the refrain keeps the song from needing a build, because the story of a risen Savior doesn’t need to build…it needs to be big from the beginning.

Lyrically, this song is a breathtaking masterpiece. It follows the sequence of events that must’ve taken place on that world-shaking Sunday morning. The images that Peterson paints with the lyrics of this song are heart breaking and beautiful. Heart breaking in a sense that they communicate a truth I wasn’t ready for; a truth that I couldn’t continue to grow without.

I believe that the thing that truly sets this song apart from others is the fact that it communicates a truth I believe…but had never thought about before. If you believe in Jesus, if you believe in the Jesus who came, lived, died, and rose over 2,000 years ago…did you know His heart beats?!? How amazing is that!?! I think about Him often and even talk to Him from time to time, but I had never thought about the fact that right now, as I type these words…His heart beats. My risen Lord has a beating heart!

And I want to
Be His.

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