WORD TO THE WISE: Sick dogs, Holy Milk, and Bike Rides

Sick Dogs

So, I got a new couch a couple of weeks ago and let me just say…it’s wonderful. I slept on it for like, four days after we picked it up. And one of the nights I fell asleep on it, it actually took me quite a long time to fall asleep. For the couple of hours I was trying to fall asleep my dog kept whining and coming over and standing near me. I thought he could tell that I wasn’t asleep and just wanted me to take him outside for fun. Then, around 1:30 in the morning, he walked into my office space…and pooped in a box.

Yeah…so…turns out he was sick. We had more accidents and problems over the next two days. But I found it so weird and amazing that he pooped in a drawer I had sitting on the floor of my office. With a hair straightener and a curling iron in it. Anyway, he is doing fine now. But the next time he wakes me up whining…you better believe I’m gonna take him outside!!!

Holy Milk

I am a huge fan of the author and speaker Annie Downs. She is such a cool lady with a huge heart for the Lord and His people. She recently shared a story about how she had spoken at a church on Super Bowl Sunday and had “admitted” she had never been in an all-male locker room. The following week she had the opportunity to go in one. But not just any one…her favorite NFL team. The Atlanta Falcons. WHAT!!! She talked about how that was so God and said we might think she’s crazy for saying that’s God. Annie…I found Him in some milk so…

I live in my mother’s basement and we’re trying to be as efficient as possible. So I decided I would buy a particular brand of milk that comes in a glass container, and she can keep gallon jugs and when I need milk I can just go fill my container. Smart, right? Well, Friday I had an appointment with my friendapist in Boone. I went to Earth Fare to get my milk. Now, I’m a 2% drinker and I picked up my container and noticed something interesting. I checked, and none of the other milks from this same dairy had the something interesting. And the something interesting…was a star. Shining on a manger. When you turn the milk jug around, there is a outline drawing of Jesus with a passage of Scripture.

I’d gone to see my friendapist because I was sweating the details again. We talked about problems and we talked about our God and she put my mind at ease. But at the grocery store, it was time to put my heart at ease. Our amazing, holy Father reached down and said, “I’ve got the details. I’m in the details. Girl…I care about which kind of milk you drink.”

Call me crazy. I ain’t gonna cry over spilled milk.

Bike Rides

If you ever want a good laugh, go to your local walking trail on the first nice day of the year. Oh my gosh. Y’all…I went for a bike ride today and I saw more people in the park and on the trail than I saw all last year! It was hilarious! But I have to tell you about how God showed up even on my bike ride.

I kind of set out with the goal of an eight mile ride. I am working on getting in shape, but the longest I’ve ever ridden is about 7 miles. I would bike the whole trail and then have someone pick me up. But today I was gonna do four and back. And while I am working on bettering my lifestyle, I’m still overweight with very weak hips which intensifies the uncomfortability of a bike ride. ANYWAY…

I was doing pretty good, I think I had gone two miles and was beginning to work myself down mentally, “Okay, well I’m at least doing six!” This is when I came through one of the areas where there is parking on the trail so there were more people again. As I’m riding, I pass a couple, I’m assuming man and wife but I have no idea. The man was a little ahead of the woman and as I passed by them she said to her husband, “…you’re going to do four I know it…”. This is one of those things we so often miss. But praise GOD I was in the right frame of mind at the moment and heard it loud and clear. I raised my head up with shocked, disbelief in my eyes and said out loud, “Okay Jesus. Let’s go!”

I biked 8.04 miles in a little under an hour. And I feel awesome.

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