That one time I hammocked during a sunrise at the beach.  And it was 27 outside.

I have heard a lot of people say that if your body is craving salt, you need to eat it because your body is trying to communicate a deficiency to you.  Is that true of everything?  I made up my schedule early this morning over coffee and then…I lost my gumption.  Someone found my “Get Up and Go” switch and they flipped it!  I just didn’t want to do any of the things I was so motivated to do this morning.  All I wanted to do was…nothing.  I just wanted to rest.  

However, I gave myself a little speech, allowed God room to work up something in me He has been working for a bit and got up and started doing.  That’s how I ended up watching a video on YouTube.  God’s timing though, am I right!  Last Easter season, Elevation Church did a series called “Seven Mile Miracle” and I started it but didn’t finish.  One of the things on my schedule today was to get back on that, I want to finish it because it really meant a lot to me and I have a problem with finishing.  So today, I watched a video at 1:15 pm that I was supposed to watch live at 7:00 am on March 27th, 2017.  And it struck a chord.

Chelsea talked to me about water and being hydrated.  She talked about how we don’t drink water until we’re dying for it.  She talked about how we fight rest, though the Great Physician prescribes it, until we’re exhausted and broken and dying for it.

So my thought is this: if a craving for salt can signal a serious medical condition, if a craving for water can be a warning flag for dehydration, does desiring rest mean the best thing we can do…is rest?

If our God has created a body that causes you to crave the very thing your molecules need, then couldn’t He cause it to communicate to you the truth that you need to take some time to truly rest in Him?  Understanding, that resting in Jesus doesn’t look the same as sleep.  My plan has changed for today, I’m about to hang my hammock up in the basement and accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish…just from a higher perspective (see that was a joke about how spending time with God elevates you [And that was a pun using the name of Elevation Church {You just got Jokeceptioned!}!].)

When your body craves salt…you give it salt.
When your body craves water…you give it water.
When your body craves rest…you give it the One who wrote the book on rest.

Get in a hammock and…
Be His.

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