WORD TO THE WISE: Coincidence, Bobble-Heads, and James


Maybe you’ve read my post from earlier this week.  I titled it “The Jobian Dilemma” because I like to say things that make you go: “…whaaa?”  And I wrote that post about this whole big thing, but I just want to bring back something in that post that has really stuck with me this week.  I invented a new term in that post: Sanctified Coincidence.  I discovered that the word coincidence literally means “to fall upon together”.  We Christians are fond of saying that with God there is no coincidence, but I don’t agree with this anymore.  I have had innumerable moments this week where God and I have fallen together upon an interesting little God-wink He threw in my direction.  My week has been filled to over-flowing with Sanctified Coincidences.  And they are beautiful and they are from God.


I went to visit some of my dearest friends in the world this weekend.  Have you ever thought about how we were created for relationship?  With God, who we were made in the image of, and then with other people, who were created “of us” (Genesis 2:21-22).  Maybe that’s why some of our most fulfilling relationships are the people who enjoy the things we enjoy.  Like book stores, and vintage vinyl, and antique shops, and pizza, and red-tailed hawks, and coffee.  The people who will stop on a sidewalk in the middle of Ballantyne, with their baby, and laugh at an idiot who is acting like she can’t stop herself from going into a cigar store to buy a John Wayne bobble-head.  God, thank you for friendships like that.  Friendships like this.


For the last couple weeks, everywhere I have been…the book of James has come up.  I mean everywhere.  And, as we’ve discussed repeatedly, I couldn’t help but notice the Sanctified Coincidence.  So I grabbed up my Message Bible (I said it) and I read through the book of James.  And oh.  Oh God thank You for sending me the book of James.  If you haven’t read it…read it.  And I would suggest the Message translation.  There is a lot to be said for reading a book of the Bible in one setting, and there is a lot to be said for the Message when it comes to reading a whole book of the Bible.  If everyone in the world would read and abide by the grace found in the book of James…the betterment of society would be at our fingertips.  Wade into James and let the flood of God’s love and grace wash over you.

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