Happy Wednesday, dear hearts and gentle people!

I tell you what, I have just been blessed all over the place for various reasons and in various ways so far this week. Let me just testify to Him for a second: Saturday night was my book event and that went beautifully well (even though I was sick) and I got to see people I know and love, and even some I don’t know all that well but still love! Sunday morning, because of the sickness, I stayed home and watched church live on YouTube and was moved to tears by a sermon on conversations vs. comments. (Now to be fair, what with the sinus pressure and all, I had cried the night before at a joke Rose told on Golden Girls…but still.) Monday, I got all kinds of work done, which isn’t usually how life works for me; Tuesday, I wrote a post that I’m really proud of and had a beautiful revelation; and now it is Wednesday and I’m here to talk about music, because, as you know, on Wednesdays…we talk music!!! And today we’re going to talk about something really exciting:

Jesus at the Grammys

Jesus at the Grammys

Yep. Jesus at the Grammys. I don’t think they discuss this during the actual Grammys, but there is Christian music so there are Christian music Grammys. Four I believe…nope, five (looked it up).

I thought we’d take a look at what the sanctified categories were and who took home the prize!

The first category that comes up is “Best Gospel Performance/Song” and the winner of this Grammy was CeCe Winans for “Never Have to Be Alone”. CeCe is a staple to any Christian music diet and as a singer definitely deserves the recognition. I personally am not a big fan of this particular song of hers, a little slow for my taste, but I am glad to see a cornerstone of music receive the recognition. Congrats Ms. Winans!

The next category is “Best Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Performance/Song” and the Grammy went to Hillsong Worship for “What A Beautiful Name”. This song, even though it’s slow, is one of my absolute favorites. There’s something different about it, not sure what it is. So congrats to Hillsong Worship as well!

Next up, is “Best Gospel Album” and CeCe took this one home as well! There were some amazing nominees in this category including Marvin Sapp and Travis Greene, but congrats to CeCe with her second Grammy for the year.

The “Best Roots Gospel Album” went to the one and only…Reba McEntire. Now, if you haven’t listened to her album “Sing it Now: Songs of Faith & Hope” (and you like Gospel) well then, you’re missing out. It is a wonderful project done by an amazing vocalist with truly beautiful music! So deserving of this award! LOVE YOU REBA!!!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we come to “Best CCM Album”. I am a little more familiar with CCM than Gospel, so I’m kind of blown away by these nominees: Danny Gokey, Matt Maher, MercyMe, and Tauren Wells. But what I’m even more blown away by is the winner…Zach Williams for his album “Chain Breaker”. How awesome that such a new-comer took home this (totally deserved) Grammy! As a music lover, I look forward to many more years of great music with Zach Williams!

–Check out this cool video, featuring Zach Williams’ “Chain Breaker” posted by Chris Pratt (a.k.a Star Lord)–

The blessings of God are innumerable in the nominations alone! Congrats to all the nominees! And may the winners give all the glory to God and be blessed to know that God has used them to bless others!

Be His.

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