Here’s Lookin’ at You…Satan.


Okay, okay.  So…I don’t wear glasses.  These are 3D glasses from the theater and I popped the lenses out.  Well…not “popped”.  More like wasted half an hour of my life cutting them out with an exacto knife.  Who’s telling this story?

In case you forgot (because I haven’t mentioned in twelve whole seconds) I am hosting an event NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT FROM 6:30-8:00 AT CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH’S FELLOWSHIP HALL IN MT. AIRY, NC!!!  JANUARY 27TH, 314 SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET.

I’m glad we have that out of the way.  I’m hosting this event to celebrate with the people I love.  We’re celebrating that I wrote a book!  And finished a new CD!  What a great time to be alive!  Or is it?

Right now, I’m cutting out CD covers and listening to my finished product.  And nothing has ever, ever, ever sounded so bad.  I mean ever.  Nails on a chalkboard?  Better than this.  Screws in a blender?  Better than this.  Bagpipes?  Well…better than that.  But only by a tiny margin.  While we do need to take a minute and accept the fact that this CD that was recorded in my basement on my computer with some elementary software isn’t a Kari Jobe musical biopic produced by Sparrow Records, but it also isn’t the worse thing ever.

I really brought this on myself.

Starting on January 1st, I had a list of books I wanted to read but I’m trying to control myself this year and only be reading two at a time.  That being said…these first ones have been quite the doozie!  Donald Miller and Steven Furtick have been riding my convictions and beating me with Scripture since 1/1/18.  It’s rude.  But it also feels GREAT.  I’m ready to step up, chase the things of God, be in a relationship with Jesus that defines me, get closer every day to fully surrendering to His will no matter where it leads.  Yeah, not quite there yet, but closer than ever!  I’m having all these big encouraging and empowering things happening in my life so obviously…

Satan and stuff.

I hate that guy.

No but seriously.

He wants me, not so much to fail, but to fear failure.  He wants me, not so much to sound terrible, but to worry about it.  He wants me to not necessarily be dead…just immobilized.  But I’m catching onto him.  That’s what the face I’m making in this picture communicates in my opinion.  This is my —



I’m just going to leave this here.  Think what you will.

Satan is the king of liars.
Jesus is the King of ALL.
Be Jesus’.

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