Highly Humble.

I’m not sure about the etiquette for blog posts like this.  When you read something someone else has written and you want to share that, but also piggy-back on it, and also say a couple extra things…where do you even start?  I’m going to start with a picture from my doctor’s office.


Don’t ask me why, because I really couldn’t tell you.  I will say though, that I love this picture!  Don’t ask me why, because I really…you get it.

Have you ever thought about Jesus?  Strange place to start I know, but just answer the question.  Have you ever really thought about Jesus?  The man did some crazy things!  And while good little Christians are going to read that and think of miracles and storm calmings and what have you, I’m referring to a different succession of crazy things.  Eating with prostitutes.  Speaking to tax collectors.  Washing feet.

I know a lot of people who are heavily grossed out by feet, and I’m talking clean feet!  For one reason or another, they just can’t handle feet.  I’ve heard them talk about this story and how it gives them the heebie-jeebies.  But again, we’re talking clean feet, and first century traveler’s feet were anything but clean!  We need to be picturing some dirty, dirty feet!

In case you haven’t figured it out quite yet…I love to read.  I’m usually reading at least three books at a time and I get ravenous by the end because I’m so excited to finish one so I might start another.  I got off track…right now, one of the books I am reading, is Greater: Dream Bigger.  Start Smaller.  Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life. by Steven Furtick.  It has been a tremendous read.  I just finished chapter 9 (“Saving Captain Awesomesauce”), and he really caught me with something.

In the story of the feet washing, too many Christians see an illustration of why we should be literally washing feet.  Mmm…maybe.  But this story digs much deeper than that.  This is not the story of foot washing and dirty water, the is the story of servitude.  This is the story of a servant God.  Here is what Furtick said that really grabbed my heart strings today:

“…because Jesus knew who He was (the Son of God), and because He knew where He had come from (from God), and because He knew where He was going (back to God), He didn’t have to prove Himself to anybody…  

When you have the highest power, you can take the lowest place.”
(Furtick, 138).

How much more serving would be done in the name of Jesus if we weren’t afraid of a little dirt?  How much more would the hands of Jesus reach out to people if we weren’t concerned about who was touching them?  How much more could the feet of Jesus move to right wrongs if we weren’t afraid of being seen on that side of town?

We talked this week about belonging to God.  We need to let God be our definition.  We need to let being one with Jesus be the most important thing about us.  When we allow the God who made us to resemble Him and love Him and be loved by Him to tell us who and what we are, we can stoop into the lowest places…bringing into the light, people who have only known darkness.

I pray that we would learn from our Savior and Creator what it means to be highly humble.

Be His.



Furtick, Steven.  Greater.  Multnomah, 2012.

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