It’s Wednesday folks!  I don’t know what’s going on where you are but we have a beautiful snow falling outside down in here in North Carolina.  On a sweet, beautiful snow day, I like to listen to peaceful music.  When I think of peaceful music, I think of Will Reagan and United Pursuit.

First of all, funny story, I saw this video a while back and loved this song.  Only…I thought it was a different song.  Which I dowloaded on iTunes and have been listening to.  Then today, I get on to find this video…lo and behold, it’s a different song!

But I feel like this song goes even better with a snow day.  Find a quiet place today, in the middle of the deafening noise of life to confess these words to Jesus!

“I’m nothing without You!
I’m barely breathing!
Your heart is my refuge Oh Lord!”


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