How about, on Wednesdays, we talk music?  Does that sound good to you?  The Wednesday night classes just started back at one of the churches I go to (it’s a long story). I lead worship with the youth on Wednesday night and I enjoy doing songs they will know but I also love discovering new music.

You should check out Elevation Worship if you haven’t.  I first attended an Elevation service in March of 2017.  They played…this song.  I fell in love with it the first time I heard it.  I have recently started going to Elevation Winston-Salem and they have played it a couple of times and, lo and behold…I still love this song!!!

Immerse yourself in these lyrics.  Let them sink in.  Enjoy the melody and dance to the beat.  Crank it up brothers and sisters!!!

This is TRUTH:

“When my mind says I’m not good enough,
God you’re enough for me,

I’ve decided I’m not giving up,
You won’t give up on me!
You’re love is holding on and it won’t let go!
I feel it breaking out like an echo!”



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