Word to the Wise: Books, Posts, and Freaking Out

It’s Sunday which means it is time for WORD TO THE WISE!!!  This is a moment I take out of the week to share three (usually random) things with you from my week.  So lets just dive right into this one!


Honestly, this one points back to my announcement this week that I have self-published a book!  I have been so blessed and touched by the response and I thank you all so much!  I will remind you that I will be having a “book party” on the 27th of January in the fellowship hall at Calvary Baptist Church in Mt. Airy, NC.  I will also be celebrating the release of a new CD on that night!


When I made my post concerning my book, I was expecting some responses but nothing near what I received.  I again have been so blessed by the words of encouragement from you all!  Wouldn’t you know, when I have had so many amazing experiences this week, the devil would find a way to make these positive things seem less positive?

Freaking Out

God has dropped me on a mountaintop, but instead of relishing that fact, I have spent this week second guessing myself.  So many people have expressed their joy and the fact that they are proud of me for writing a book.  What have I found myself saying in response to most of these responses?  I hope they’re not disappointed.  Seriously?!?  I have worked and studied for at least the last six months and the product of that is a book that I wrote, that put together, and that published and had printed.  How can we go so quickly from accomplishing a long time dream and truly believing we have taken a big step in God’s right direction to our lives…and suddenly be convinced that everyone who has supported us is going to be disappointed, including God?

While I’ve been working on this book I’ve started something.  When I am reading, if I find a quote or a verse that stands out to me as something that will be a useful weapon against the devil and his insecurities later in life, I write it down and tape it to the screen of my computer.  My computer looks like some sort of abstract sculpture with the different shapes and colors poking off of it but it has proved effective.  Today, I am thinking about the quote from Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence by Sarah Young (yeah, the one who wrote Jesus Calling).  On page four Sarah writes what I have paraphrased in this way:

The worst possible outcome is losing God’s love.
And that isn’t even in the realm of possibility.

On this first Sunday of 2018, in this first “Word to the Wise” of the year, my prayer is that we would spend less of this year freaking out about the various things in our life that the devil tries to distract us with.  I pray that we would instead remember that the worst possible thing that could ever happen to us…is precisely the one thing that never will.

Be His.

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