Go. Just…Go.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
-Robert Frost

It was my father’s humble belief that a song could be radically transformed by barely transforming it.  We called them twisted hymns.  You take lyrics you have sung the same way 80 billion times and put them to a new melody and suddenly the words come alive like never before.  I have been discovering that this works not only for music but for other things as well.  For instance: reading.  I have a special “bedtime book” this year that I only read, you guessed it, at bedtime!  It is The Story version of the Bible.  The folks who put this version together used the NIV translation to transform the Bible into basically a regular chapter book.  By keeping the focus on the narrative and not verses and chapters, some things have occurred to me that never had before.  For example…

You know Moses, right?  Killed a dude, fled to the wilderness, saved some girls from some shepherds, became a shepherd himself, and then one day old Mo is wandering around with his sheep and he sees this burning bush.  Well, not really.  What he sees is a bush on fire that isn’t really burning.  Then God, who is amazing, speaks from the burning bush telling Moses to kick off his Gucci flip-flops because this is sacred ground we’re standing on (I’m paraphrasing of course).  God then explains to Moses that he has been chosen by God as the one who will help the Israelites escape 400 years of slavery.

Now, stopping right there for a minute, wouldn’t you be kind of…stoked, to find out you were the chosen instrument to liberate your entire extended family?  So thats one thing right there, but if you remember the story Moses immediately starts trying to sell God on why he is the wrong choice.  (Note to self: when trying to convince God of something, telling God He has made a mistake is probably not the best way to go about that.)

But Moses starts trying to convince God that His choice was a ridiculous one and that God needs Moses’ advice more than really, actually needs Moses Himself.  I can literally hear God rolling His almighty eyes in this story!  But here is what caught my eye in this story this time around.  After Moses has played all the cards he thought he had, he throws himself on the mercy of the court and just comes right down to it: “But Moses said, ‘O Lord, please send someone else to do it'” (Ex. 4:13, NIV).  Dang it Moses…give a God a CHANCE!!!  “Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, ‘What about your brother, Aaron the Levite?  I know he can speak well.  He is already on his way to meet you…'” (Ex. 4:14a, NIV).

God knew Moses.  This should come as no big surprise to people who have all of God’s words in a nice little book but it still may for some of us.  He knew Moses and all his quirks.  He knew Moses didn’t think much of himself, He knew Moses didn’t talk too good, He even knew Moses was going to say that he wasn’t much and didn’t talk too good!  The goal here, was for Moses to let God be enough, all and enough.  Moses failed.  But do you see there in verse 14 that God says Aaron was “already” on his way?

God was wanting Moses to see God as all He needs.  While He was giving Moses a chance to trust the unwavering faithfulness of his God, God was also already in the process of preparing a great surprise for Moses.  Can you imagine, if Moses had just been like, “If that’s what you say God of the bush then that is what I will do.  Lets go to Egypt!”  And then, on the way to Egypt he bumped into his brother as a traveling companion and helper?!?  How much sweeter would that have been as a gift from God had Moses not made it a contingency upon which his devotion was based?

And how often do we do the same thing?  How often do we fight and fight and fight with God over the thing He is asking us to do and in the end ruin what could have been the miracle?  I am prone to worry about money.  It is just a thing that I work hard to overcome.  I shared recently about a church family that heavily blessed me in the area of finance in a way that was quite unexpected.  My being unemployed is something God and I argue over quite a bit!  But I want to be in a place in my life where the obedience happens in the dry times and is rewarded by the little miracles.  I am tired of living in a land where my faith is renewed by miracles because during the “lean years” I forgot what God’s goodness looked like!  For starters…how can we ever forget God’s goodness?

Can I say two things to you today: first of all, God’s timing is perfect though not the same as ours.  With that in mind however, the second thing I would say is that your blessing is already on its way!  I don’t know when it will get here or whether it will be this side of eternity but the thing you are seeking is already on its way!  Will let you let God be more important to you than it, whatever it may be?  Because no matter what it is…He is.

Be His.


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