We are Loved by the God of Miracles

Good evening one and all! I need to share a story that you may or may not be familiar with but has been circulating on Instagram especially recently, and a situation that has been happening in the life of a sweet family out in Nashville, TN. It requires a bit of ground work to be laid but I want you to stick with me through this and be there for the climax.

For me, it all begins about a week ago with an Instagram repost by Francesca Battistelli. The picture was of this adorable little blonde headed boy in a hospital bed. He had tubes running in and out of his small little body and he was deep in sleep. But there is a kind of hospital deep sleep that is different from a good deep sleep. If you have ever spent time in a hospital room watching a loved one fight for their lives, you are familiar with the difference in the two based solely on the face of your loved one.

This was the first time I “met” Jaxon. Jaxon is the son of Joel and Janie Taylor who are involved with the Bethel worship group. Jaxon has been sick. Very, very sick. For anyone who is medical or has the ability to Google things, he suffered from E-coli which developed in HUS. The world has been one giant living host of prayers over the name of Jaxon. And in a surprising twist finish…it turns out God listens to our prayers.

I have been eagerly following this story and praying for this sweet little boy and his family. So yesterday, when I got on to see if his parents had posted an update, I fought back the tears (and the joyful shouting) when I saw this.

He is awake! He is sitting up! He is painting and watching TV with his sister (who also spent some time in the hospital suffering from E-coli) and giggling at his favorite show! I couldn’t even hardly handle it. Let’s just take a second to enjoy today’s verse of the day from my phone:

“But let all who take refuge in You rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may exult in You.”
-Psalm 5:11, ESV

What a wonderful story and what a perfect time for rejoicing. However, as I share this story I know a couple of things are happening. I know some of you are familiar with the story of my life over the past year or so and you’re probably wondering how I can be so happy for this family’s miracle when my family didn’t get the miracle of healing for my dad. I know others of you are not thinking about my family but your own. You haven’t received the miracle of healing in your own life or in the lives of your family members. For you, stories like Jaxon’s make you wonder where God was and what He was doing in the moment you needed the miracle of healing. Can I give you the answer?

I don’t have an answer. All I can tell you for sure is this: in the exact moment you needed the miracle of healing…God was being God. I don’t understand it and I don’t like it from time to time, but I know that at all times He is being God. Here is what Jaxon should highlight for us. When it comes to healing, the focus should not be will God or won’t God but instead…could God? The answer to that question is perpetually the same: yes. Always God is and always God can.

I encourage you in this moment, this moment of not knowing, this moment of sickness, this moment of treatment, this moment of waiting, this moment of silence to take a deep, deep breath and exhale as slowly as you can. For the entirety of the exhale, let the fact that God can do it, that He has the power, be enough. For the extent of your breathing out find peace and solace in the fact that God can do it whatever it might be. When you return to your normal breathing, you return to your normal thought processes with a new focus on the power of our God who still works miracles. But for the next ten seconds, let it be enough, that God is God and God can do it.

Continue to pray for Jaxon and his family as the few remaining residual effects are taken care of by the hospital staff. And be in prayer for all those who are struggling through the pain of uncertain futures.

Be His.

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