Simply Gifts


Happy New Year one and all!

I pray you were safe, warm, and happy last night and today as we move into a new year. I was and I want to share my amazement at our God with you.

On the last day of last year (or yesterday), I was invited to lead worship at a small local church.  I was not given a lot of details, which were not required, but this group has recently experienced some pain within the walls of the church and hearts of her people.

I was invited as special music to kick off the new year and kick out the old one.  It was my first chance to really stretch my newly certified worship legs!  I enjoyed putting thought into songs that would lend themselves to a sermon on communion that would lead into partaking in the bread and cup.  I went back to my “books” and refreshed on presenting a call to worship and put Scripture with my opening songs and really immersed myself into the five songs I chose for two services.  There was some cross over, but also some different songs based on what God lead me toward.

Here is the breaking news I need to share with you though: God is good.

Breaking news Maggie?  Thats kind of old news.

God’s goodness should never be regarded as old news.

To avoid beating around the bush, let me just say that the two times I have played for small congregations I have received the most amazing financial blessings of my life.  Is money why I do this?  Absolutely not.  As an unemployed person who lives with her retired mother is money something that I worry about?  Absolutely not…in a perfect world.  But this is a fallen world and I am better at worrying about money than anyone else in the world!!!  It is a burden that satan knows he can use against me and really enjoys striking that chord at painful moments.

But yesterday I experienced the generosity of generous hearts and those hearts reminded me of something very important.  In this world of giants — corporations, moguls, churches — we tend to look down on the little things and the little ones with  a special kind of “small pity”.  “Oh bless it…they’re little.”

It would serve us well to remember what God can do with little things.  We need to remember and wonder at what God has done with little shepherd boys, and little fishermen, and little coins, and a little bit of yeast, and a little baby, and a little wooden cross.  We need to wonder anew at what God can do with a little piece of paper, not the big number written on it, but the little piece of paper that is slipped into a hand at the exact moment that hand needs it.  We need to wonder anew at what God can do with the “little people”, in the “little churches”, in the “little towns” in the world.

Ours is a God of the little details.  If we are to be His people, we have to see Him in every little nook and kranie He fills with His power.  Last year, every post was concluded with the same phrase.  In light of the simple gifts we receive that are simply gifts, this year, may we always remember this:

Be His.

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