A Great Big Little

A couple of weeks ago, my tiny little foothill community experienced something as a collective unit. We experienced something that everyone has been talking about and posting online. As a whole, we experienced the most gorgeously breathtaking sunset we had ever seen, and I mean any of us! Pictures were posted, breaths were caught, and people all seemed to get a bit of a warm feeling in the hearts as they watched this gorgeous display of light and clouds and colors and shadows.

Then, there is this week. Then, there is Thursday. On Thursday, I experienced something even more breathtaking (in my own humble opinion). I personally experienced…a “blah”. I beg my pardon? I experienced a “blah”. A sunset that would only be described by others as “blah”. A sunset that would not be described by others because it is considered to be too, you guessed it, “blah”. However, this sunset, as much as the first one, took my breath away.

As Christians, actually just as any person who recognizes the existence of a higher being, we are very prone to attribute the big things to God. It doesn’t matter if the big things are good or bad, we are quick to slap a “Made by God” sticker on the front of it and send it off into the pages of history. Whether it be a tragic loss or a universally beautiful sunset, God gets a nod for the things we consider to be big enough to require His import.

But that second sunset…that lesser sunset…my “blah”. Why don’t we see God in the little things? Why is it so hard to recognize the purpose of salvation and the hand of grace on a flower petal, or a cool drink of water, or a “blah” sort of sunset?

We should see how God as much in the bending of a thumb as we do in the bending of a tree to His winds. We should see God as much in the laughter of a child as we do in the singing of a choir. We should seek God as much on a Tuesday as we do at Christmas and Easter. We should seek God as much in a moment of anxiety as we do in the wake of a tragic loss.

Here are the two sunsets. Do not judge which is better; simply wonder in the fact that both are incomparable to the beauty of a God who painted both and loves you more than either.

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