Good chilly morning to you all!  I am writing a hasty note to inform anyone who cares that I am leading worship this morning at a church in Mt. Airy.  I am very excited about this opportunity and feel so blessed as I look back over this year and how God has worked together various events to lead to more events.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for next year/tomorrow.

Also, I have some exciting news I will be sharing soon so STAY CLOSE!  Subscribe or follow or do something so you get updates from me!  Love you all!

Love each other.

A Great Big Little

A couple of weeks ago, my tiny little foothill community experienced something as a collective unit. We experienced something that everyone has been talking about and posting online. As a whole, we experienced the most gorgeously breathtaking sunset we had ever seen, and I mean any of us! Pictures were posted, breaths were caught, and people all seemed to get a bit of a warm feeling in the hearts as they watched this gorgeous display of light and clouds and colors and shadows.

Then, there is this week. Then, there is Thursday. On Thursday, I experienced something even more breathtaking (in my own humble opinion). I personally experienced…a “blah”. Continue reading