Has anybody else noticed how, about a month ago, we thought things couldn’t get worse?  And suddenly…it has.  You know how your body, when there are toxins in it, gets really sick to remove the toxins?  It feels like mankind had a all-night rage and got rip-roaring drunk on anger and hatred and now the very planet we inhabit is having the hangover.  It feels like people drank a gallon of milk, ate three pints of Ben & Jerry, and consumed a whole block of cheese knowing very well they were lactose intolerant.  Now our planet is reeling from that decision.  The very ground seems to be crying out, “Please stop!”

Aren’t we as Christian blessed to be able to remember that the ground cries out something else:

“‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!  Peace in heaven and glory to God’…’If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting’.”

-Luke 19:38 & 40, ESV

Yahweh Ropheka,
The Lord who heals.

We come to You this morning on bended knee.
We pray Your blessing over Mexico,
we pray Your blessing over Texas,
we pray Your blessing over Florida,
Hold close every heart affected by the recent events.
And Holy Magen,
my Shield,
we pray Your protection as more hurricanes form,
as after shocks of earthquakes are felt,
as this very world You created cries and shakes around us.
You are Machseh,
our Refuge.
We hide in You.
We worship You.
You are all these things.
You are God.


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