One of my all time favorite theologians (if I may be permitted to use that word at 7:30 in the morning) is Warren Wiersbe.  I just really connect with his writings and he opens up the Scriptures in a way that resonates with me.  In my personal Bible study time I truly look forward to climbing into his commentary and letting him dig me out.  That being said, today, he said something I just…I don’t know about.  So I want to talk with you about it, okay?


I love how those clouds look like a city.  A city in the clouds.  I’m going one day.  Wanna come with?!

So, I’m studying in Galatians right now and I was looking specifically at 1:6-7 where Paul is rebuking the people of the Galatian church for trying to add to the Gospel of Grace.  If anybody ever got that the Gospel was Grace and could not be separated from it, it was your boy Paul here.  Anyway, this is where I read something this morning that just seemed…disproportionate.

“Grace is simply God’s favor to undeserving sinners.”

Okay, first of all (just to get this out of the way) I don’t disagree with Wiersbe.  This is actually a beautifully succinct definition of this thing we call “grace”.  It is the favor of God bestowed upon unfavorable persons.  Can I encourage you to take a minute this morning and praise God for His grace?  Without grace…we’re sunk!  So take just a minute and praise God for His great grace.  I’m just gonna leave this here…my three favorite grace songs.  Take your time.

Okay then, here is my problem with this statement:

“Grace is simply…”

Y’all.  I can get onboard with the actual definition of grace in this sentence, but I’m just not sure about a sentence that says grace is “simply” anything.  You’re actually going to be hard up to convince me that there is anything more complex than grace.  An infinite God loves a finite people.  Those people break His heart incessantly.  God says, “These people have hurt me so much.  But I love them more than they could ever hurt Me.  Idea!  I’ll let my Son die so that I can have a personal friendship with these people that will continue to hurt me until the end of time.”

Grace as a concept, as a truth in our lives is the very height of complexity.

However, Wiersbe leads me to the feet of Jesus for a grace lesson.  It is now that I realize, even though grace is the most complex gift we could ever receive…it also truly is simply.  It is simply…mine.  I say, “Yes please” and God responds with a smile and the gift of grace…simply.

So, as you go throughout your day, think about these things: The complexity of grace is the complexity of an undeserved gift.  We live in a society where we are encouraged to earn things and we even thrive off earning things.  We need to remember to break it down to the complexity of receiving this gift from Jesus that we can’t possibly earn.  However, we also need to reflect on the simplicity on this great gift from a God of love.  He wants us.  He wants us to experience grace.  He wants us to love Him.  He wants us to…

Love each other.

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