WORD TO THE WISE: Sara Bareilles, Roses, and Orange Juice

Word to the wise!  It has been a while since I’ve done one of these posts which is kind of ridiculous because they are my favorites!  So…lets jump right into this one!

Sara Bareilles

As you know, if you have spent longer than 12 seconds on my blog, I love music.  All of it.  And though I love all of it, I do have some very specific favorites.  One of those, is Sara Bareilles.  I love pretty much everything about her: her quirky personality, her songwriting skills, her voice, her music, and her unabashed love for life and people and open-arm living.  I follow the awesome singer on Instagram, and she just posted something that I felt needed to be shared.

img_4660Oh.  My.  Sweet.  Holy.  Yes.  I love this so much.  And honestly, word to the wise is about things that rocked my week.  That being said, I have said all I want to say about this.  Well, one more thing: thanks Sara.


Yesterday I had an evening of worship at one of my churches.  It was such a wonderful time.  I invited three singers from the church where I am a member.  The praise band from the church I grew up in where I sing sometimes backed me up.  It was the first time I had heard some of my own songs with a whole band behind them…it was intoxicating.  But I got to thinking as I’ve been looking at all the love I’ve been getting from people (including roses from a dear sweet friend which is why “roses”).  When you go to a concert or some kind of similar event, you always hear the people who heard the show standing around talking about how good it was.  “They’re so talented.”  “That girl is so blessed by God!”  “He writes such wonderful songs that always say exactly what I need to hear.”  I’m not sure anyone thinks about what they are offering to the people up front.  As someone who sings, and especially someone who leads worship, there is nothing quite like looking out and seeing someone, eyes closed, smile taking up their entire face, hands lifted, singing the lyrics to “Fierce” with all their heart.  It is breathtaking!  Every bit of blessedness that people say I provide is reciprocated in that singular instant.

Let me clarify, it is not because I am thinking, “Wow…I must be doing really good.”  It is because I can look out, see that and know that God has allowed me to be a part of somebody entering into fervent, true worship of Him.  I am so grateful for that opportunity

Orange Juice

It is a law of nature.  The earth rotates around the sun; rain falls into oceans is evaporated and rains back down; caterpillars turn into butterflies; and Maggie gets sick the week before a big event.  I mean…every…single…time.  It is kind of impressive.  Now, a lot of people take a lot of different things to help in times of sickness.  People have preferences over Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, etc.  When I am sick, there is one place I turn that I am convinced is the magical nectar of health.  Orange Juice.  Hey…if it worked for vitamin C deprived pirates it should work for me too, right?  Anyway, I am just very thankful for orange juice this week.  That is all.

Love each other.

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