Leon Ek Tou Phyles Iouda 


What happened to Leon’s toe?  Oh wait…that’s not what that means?

I had the most amazing experience this morning speaking to the Surry County chapter of the Women’s Missionary Union.  What amazing group of women!  We had a great time talking about the names of God.  Specifically about praying the names of God.

I shared four names of God with them, and I would love to share them with you if that’s okay…

It is?!  Excellent!

Yahweh Tsebaoth: this name means “God of Angel Armies”.  I love this name because of the amazing mental images it provides.  First, I see myself standing in spiritual battle with an entire angel army behind me.  And the God of Angel Armies standing beside me!  I also hear the Chris Tomlin song playing.  When I hear that song…I can tear phonebooks apart with my bare hands.  Y’all…I hardcore go like the incredible Christian Hulk or something!

Can we discuss the joy I got from creating this image.  I feel like they’d be friends.  I also feel like Tomlin could mellow even the green guy.


Yahweh Ropheka:  The translation of this name is “The Lord Who Heals Me”.  I like this name for a couple reasons.  The first one is…weird.  “The Lion King” is known for lots of things and one of those is a monkey named Rafiki.  Rafiki happens to be Swahili for “friend”.  When I hear Ropheka…I hear Rafiki.  So this name becomes, the Lord my friend who heals me.  Because of this, I am reminded that God doesn’t just heal me and kick me to the curb.  I don’t meet up with Him once every six months!  He heals me and then He continues to check up on me and see how my progress is…progressing.


To Phos Tou Kosmou: Jesus is “The Light of the World”.  We know this is true.  Wanna know what else we know?  That Satan is the prince of darkness or…the dark one.  Now, let me drop a little science on you: light and darkness cannot exist in the same space.  So, if we are followers of the light of the world, and we are carriers of this light…the dark one can’t be in the same place we are.  So light a fire and burn him out!

Leon Ek Tou Phyles Iouda:  Jesus is also…”The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”.  Oooh y’all!  I love this name because no matter WHAT I come up against…I have a lion on my side.  A lion.  lion.  There is nothing that can come against me that can overpower a lion.  Except THE lion.  Of the tribe of Judah.



©Maggie Lowe

Yes.  I know this is a female lion…but come on.  LOOK AT THEM ARM MUSCLES!!!!!!

She shows great power, just like her creator.  But it isn’t even a fraction of His power and prowess!

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