WORD TO THE WISE: Time, Water, and Battle of the Books


Wow!  This has been one heck of a week y’all!  I’ve had a lot of commitments and I’ve been behind on each one of them at least half of the time.  But I’ve had several things going down in my week that I really want to tell you all about.  So can I have just a few minutes of your time?  Thanks! Continue reading


Yellow Balloons – Devo #5

Okay.  I need to warn you.  Today’s devo is serious.  It’s very serious.  I don’t think seriousness should count out a song or a morning devotion…but I did want to let you know before you start in case you’re not ready for serious at 8:00 this morning.  You see, in this song she dies.

Devo #5: “Yellow Balloons”

I loved the name of this album.  I just think its neat.  Then I get to the title track, the last song on the album, and my heart strings are plucked.  You see, Dunn wrote this song after the death of his two-year-old niece.  They still aren’t sure what happened.  Sleep was sought…and sleep was found.

I believe this song is probably for someone this morning.  And I believe that sometimes words can get in the way of music.  So as you listen to this song, I would leave you with this.

“But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope.  For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.”
-1 Thessalonians 4:13-14, ESV

Love each other.


Yellow Balloons – Devo #4

Can you believe it is already Thursday?  I can.  Because I’m writing this on Friday.  See what I did there?  Lets dive into this thing.  This song is awesome!  You’re gonna love it!

Devo #4: “Masterpiece”

This song uses art terms to highlight some of the greatest attributes of our great God.  It’s very masterful.  See what I did there?  Oooh!  I’m on fire this morning.

This coffee sure is working…
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Yellow Balloons – Devo #2

My theory thus far has been this: don’t acknowledge tardiness.  In the past, I have spent as much time on this blog apologizing for falling behind as I have writing posts.  But the fact is, I am writing Tuesday’s devotion on Friday.  And I need to say that’s okay because of the song for today.  So now that we have that out of the way, lets move on in our deovtions this week on this truly awesome new release from David Dunn.

Devo #2: “I Don’t Have to Worry”

This is a new discovery week for me.  I had never listened to any David Dunn before.  I am in love with his voice.  He’s got soul and he’s got funk in his music!  But we’re here to watch music point us back to Jesus.  So let’s get on that! Continue reading

Yellow Balloons – Devo #1


Okay y’all!  Thanks for sticking with me!  I hope you are enjoying these, I am.  Today we start a new album by an artist I was unfamiliar with before!  I am now in love with this man’s voice and his songs.  But, I’ll let you make up your own mind.  Let’s get started this morning.

Devo #1: “Kingdom”

So I went through a spell about a year ago now where I loved every song that had anything to do with the kingdom.  That is probably one reason why I absolutely love this song!  Of course, it is also truly excellent which doesn’t hurt.  This one is funky, so buckle up!

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One-Way Conversations – Devo #5

Now, I’m sure some of you are done with Hollyn.  I’ve actually heard a lot of people talk about how they can’t stand when Christian singers do songs that are not explicitly about Jesus.  If I’m being honest, I was that way at one time.  But no more, and now I love songs that apply to other areas of my life.  That is where this song comes in.  I need everyone reading this who is in a toxic relationship to perk their ears up…this one is for you.

Devo #5:  “Go”

So here’s the deal.  This song has a lot of different directions to go in.  First, let me speak on one I know nothing about.  That sounds good right?  Let’s talk about those toxic relationships I mentioned above. Continue reading

One-Way Conversation – Devo #3

I recognize that many people probably don’t think about it or care at all, but let’s talk about Christian love songs for a hot second.  Because Hollyn is making them hot!

Devo #3: “All My Love”

So, yeah.  Christian love songs.  Is it something you’ve thought of?  Looked into?  Recognized?  There are some great ones!  (I’ll post about some of them later this week!)  But Hollyn’s are hot.  They’re cool because they fit into the music young people are rocking last night.  So much of Christian music is music that is different from what is popular right now.  Especially for teenagers, music that is more “culturally relevant” (blech…I hate that phrase!) is a really great tool. Continue reading