Open Hands – Devo #1

I have run y’all all over the place!  We started these devotions with Ellie Holcomb, quiet worshipful Holcomb.  We moved on from their to cover rap with nobigdyl., R&B with Holy, groovy rock with David Dunn, and a lil’ bit o’ e’rething with The Shack soundtrack last week.  So how about this week…we just look at an album by a popular Christian singer.  No stretching here.  Just sit back in your chair…I’m not going to make you try something outside your comfort zone.  I’m just gonna hand you a classic favorite and let you drink deep from still waters.

Enter stage left: Laura Story.

Devo #1: “You Came Running”

I love this lady!  She does such sweet and calming music.  Yet, if you’ve ever seen her live, the woman has an amazing sense of humor!  Such a heart for Jesus and people and music.  Three of my favorite things.  And this song…is officially one of my favorites of hers!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re in…let these lyrics seep in and saturate your broken heart and tired spirit.

But the God of all comfort and the Prince of the peace came running
You came running
You saw what was shattered in the depths of my need
You came running
You came running to me”

I picture a story.  A story we’ve all heard time and time again.  It is the story of a son.  A son who thought he knew what was best.  So he went to his old man and asked for all the money he was going to get from the old man on his last day.  The boy then went and blew the money.  He blew it on wine, women, and song (I watch a lot of old movies).  One day, he woke up…hung over, dirty, and grunting.  Wait…that isn’t him grunting.  It’s pigs.  He is in a mud pit…with pigs.  He had slept through the night in the mud with pigs and now, broke and hungry, he is looking at their slop and reaching for it with his hands.  If only he could get a small bite of this fragrant mixture of melon rinds, moldy bread, stale corn, and what ever has liquified to give it this soupy texture.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!  At this point, our boy remembers the old man.  His old man’s slaves had a clean bed and good food!  He was the son!  He realizes now something needs to change so he decides to go back to his daddy’s house and ask to be a slave for him.  He walks home, avoided by everyone he meets on the road.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the old man is still aching.  It’s been years but he misses his boy.  He misses him so much that he hears his voice in the night.  He hears his laughter on the wind.  Why…even that dirty stranger coming down the road looks like his boy.  Wait.  Wait.  WAIT!!!

“…but while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.”

-Luke 11:20b, ESV

His daddy ran to meet Him.  And your daddy comes running to you.
Here He comes now…

Love each other.

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