One-Way Conversation – Devo #3

I recognize that many people probably don’t think about it or care at all, but let’s talk about Christian love songs for a hot second.  Because Hollyn is making them hot!

Devo #3: “All My Love”

So, yeah.  Christian love songs.  Is it something you’ve thought of?  Looked into?  Recognized?  There are some great ones!  (I’ll post about some of them later this week!)  But Hollyn’s are hot.  They’re cool because they fit into the music young people are rocking last night.  So much of Christian music is music that is different from what is popular right now.  Especially for teenagers, music that is more “culturally relevant” (blech…I hate that phrase!) is a really great tool.

But I digress.  Christian love songs.  I have heard some people talk trash through the years about songs that are by artists who are Christians that are anything other than completely, expressly, and literally about God.  These are the people who aren’t going to like this post or this song.  I had a stage in life when I felt the same way, until God opened my eyes.

You see…our God is love.  If this is true and you believe it, how can singing about Biblical, healthy love be a wrong/unChristian thing to sing about?  As a young single woman, I love Christian love songs.  First of all, they remind me of the couples I know that bring me hope.  Second, they get me right in the feels.  Third, they’re fun to jam to!  I actually wanted to do a radio segment once called “Love Bears”.  A one hour segment on Christian radio that plays nothing but Christian love songs.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?  I was told no station would want to do it because love songs are all about “our song” and not many people have Christian-love-our songs.  To which my reply is…okay.  But wouldn’t it be awesome if they did!  And how can they…if no one plays them.  Let me climb down off my soapbox before this post takes a wrong turn.

“I just want you right here,
Always by my side,
You and me together,
Baby, it’s paradise,
We can go wherever,
Leave them all behind,
I’m giving you all my
Keep giving you all my love”

What if these were the words we spoke over our relationships, instead of the toxic words that leave the divorce rate so high in this country?

I wanted to call my radio program “Love Bears” because of a passage of scripture that I think you’re going to recognize:

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
-1 Cor. 13:7, ESV

Get it?  Love Bears.  I thought you’d like that.

Love each other.


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