Open Hands – Devo #2

Good morning one and all.  I hope you had a peaceful Monday and I hope you felt Jesus running after you!  I saw this little comic strip this week and I thought I should share it.

I dragged you.jpg

Can I get an amen?  I know I’ve been dragged by the Spirit!  Glory, HALLELUJAH!!!  But I’m tired of Him having to drag me…I’m ready to take a step.  Today, let’s take another look at Laura Story’s new album, specifically track five.

Devo #2: “For the Love of My King”

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Open Hands – Devo #1

I have run y’all all over the place!  We started these devotions with Ellie Holcomb, quiet worshipful Holcomb.  We moved on from their to cover rap with nobigdyl., R&B with Holy, groovy rock with David Dunn, and a lil’ bit o’ e’rething with The Shack soundtrack last week.  So how about this week…we just look at an album by a popular Christian singer.  No stretching here.  Just sit back in your chair…I’m not going to make you try something outside your comfort zone.  I’m just gonna hand you a classic favorite and let you drink deep from still waters.

Enter stage left: Laura Story.

Devo #1: “You Came Running”

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The Shack – Devo #5

Here is what I love about this soundtrack: diversity.  I love that nearly every other song is by a country singer.  I love that NEEDTOBREATHE did a duet with Lauren Daigle.  I love Dierks Bentley.  It’s Friday y’all.  Let’s do this!

Devo #5: “Days of Dark”

This song is grooving.  Dierks is great at songs that groove and this is classic Dierks style right here!  He also does a great job at summing up the darkest of times. Continue reading

The Shack – Devo #4

Can you feel it?  Where my teachers at?  Can you feel it?  One more day!  Friday is within reach y’all!  You’re gonna make it.  Reach for it.  Fall into the arms of Jesus and let Him get you there with grace!  And let this song help you get that last…little…hard…spell…

Devo #4: “Hard Love”

So…this song.  It’s NEEDTOBREATHE and Janis Joplin.  I’m sorry…I meant Lauren Daigle.  Folks, I’m a little in love with Daigle because her Instagram channel keeps me entertained.  I love her laid back music, even the slow songs, and that is a big thing coming from me.  But Imma need her to rock out more!  She seriously has some Joplin vibes going on in this song and Christian music needs more Joplin.  (No…not cowbell.)  Anyway, I just need to say that to Daigle if she’s listening.  Let’s move on. Continue reading

The Shack – Devo #3

Good morning children of God!  Are you good?  Let me tell you something: I love coffee and I have discovered a new favorite this week!  If you live in North Carolina and you’re not familiar with Counter Culture Coffee out of Durham…you need to get acquainted with one another!  Mmm!  And if you’re not from North Carolina, hit their website up and get some goodness in your home!  My favorite is the Tairora.  Now, to be honest, it’s the only one I’ve tried.  But hot dang!  Mmm!

Hey…I have an idea.  Let’s get off coffee and get on Jesus shall we?  We’re still talking about “The Shack” soundtrack this week.  And today, we’re looking at track five from the one and only Francesca Battistelli. Continue reading

The Shack – Devo #2

Day two for “The Shack”!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday.  Yesterday was a song by Lady Antebellum today’s track is from Hillsong.  I love the broad range on this album!  Well…we should probably just get into it!

Devo #2: “Heaven Knows

Okay look…you can listen to this song 500 times and that’ll be great.  But I don’t think this song will fully sink into your heart until you read the lyrics.  This song is so beautiful.  It has other connotations for the movie…but this is a perfect anthem of worship.  These lyrics reach out to God for the things we never have the courage to ask Him for.  But these are the words of a young child’s heart in an adult who isn’t sure how to protect that heart in this world of pain, fear, loss, malice, and contrition. Continue reading

The Shack – Devo #1

Good morning loved ones of God!  I hope all is well for you as we enter this new week of devotions.  I’ve got a mug of coffee to my left and a Nalgene of water to my right…so let’s get started this morning.

I’m picking new releases for these devotions just by which ones I like the most.  Personal taste!  But I have started looking at some new criteria.  One of the reasons I chose this CD is because it has different artists.  I thought that would be a cool new thing to try!  Also, if you haven’t checked this soundtrack out yet, it’s about half country singers and half contemporary Christian singers which is pretty cool!

Next thing you need to know is this: I have not read the book…I have not seen the movie.  I just really like the music on this CD!  This is not a The Shack devotion…it is a soundtrack devotion.  Let’s rock n’ roll! Continue reading