Canopy – Devo #5

Perfect timing on this song!

Devo #5: “Siblings”

Oh y’all know I had to talk on this one for a minute.  Turn on the news for a half a second and see that we’re a culture of haters.  A generation of see ya’ laters.  It truly breaks my heart.  And the thing about music in general but especially the rap you hear on the radio is…it adds to that.

Lets just stop and have a quick history lesson.  Did you know that originally, rap music was solely protest music?  Against the government, against inequality, against the things that were keeping lower class urban families down.  Now?   Now it adds new shackles to their arms and feet.


Which is why these, what I call, “Positive Affirmation” rappers are so important.  In a way, they have taken the music back to its roots.  It is once again…protest music.  Protesting itself.

All that to say this: we are in a time in our world when people are leaving other people for dead.  And those are their friends!  I can’t even believe what we’re doing to our enemies.  At a time like these, when we are abandoning friends and spending more time on our phone than with our fam, this song is exactly what we need.

“When that cold wind get to blowing
Take my coat I see you’re frozen
You can lean on me
You don’t need ID for the VIP, yeah
That’s my sister that’s my bro, yeah
That’s my sister that’s my bro, yeah
No matter where life goes
That’s my sister that’s my bro, yeah,”

Honestly, I had a hard time picking a quote from this song.  The whole thing is awesome.  But this really captures the essence of this song.  This quote also helps me seamlessly bring up today’s scripture.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”
(Galatians 6:10, ESV)

Who is in your life that has gotten trampled recently?  I’m sure someone has.  Reach out to them this week!  Write a note and send it in the mail.  Better yet…deliver it in person.  Make a phone call, plan a hike, invite someone over for dinner, go out, do something.  If you can’t get face to face…never mind.  I was going to offer you an easy way out but I’m not going to.  I care about you so I’m going to encourage you to take the hard step and make time for someone else this week.  Also, if you’re the one that has been trampled, find someone you can meet with and be honest with them.

Let’s get back to the right way and hold each other up, down, and everyday.  God is good to give us good people…so why are we wasting them?

I have never meant my closing words more than I do today.

Love each other.

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