Canopy – Devo #2

Good morning!  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s devotional.  And I’m assuming you did since you’re back again today.  The first day was the first track and the second day is the second track!

Devo #2: “Burn”

I love the raw honesty of these clean rappers and this song is the perfect example.  This song is all about jealousy.  Oooh…I’m hittin’ on a nerve with somebody here I’m sure.  (Probably just me…).  Nobigdyl talks about not being able to feel content because he is trying so hard to be as good as everyone else in the rap game.  And not just as good…but better.

“Then the good doctor said it’s an emergency,
He sat me down in His office and say lay back let me see,
He dilated my pupils and saw my iris turn green,
I’m covered in coveting, I’m drowning in jealousy.”

Jealousy is such a big thing in our culture.  Not just this culture though, after all, God included it in The Big 10.  Scripture says not to be lusting after your neighbors wife…or his donkey…or his slave.  But today, we have different problems right?  “I wish I had the iPhone 7”, “I wish my waist was as small as yours”, “I wish my butt was as big as yours”, “I wish my car was faster”, “I wish my Presidential candidate had won”.

I’m not gonna lie.  Felt literal and physical fear with that last one.  But…God is bigger.  See my personal one is coveting people with successful careers.  We all have something.  If we were perfect we could refuse them out of respect for our God.  But we’re not so we struggle on.  However, we should still be trying to better ourselves.

“I forget what is behind and I struggle for what is ahead.”
(Philippians 3:13, ESV)

Repentance.  When you realize that you are coveting something or jealous of someone.  Sit it down at the feet of the Father.  Place it on the altar of God and light it up.  Let it burn.  Then forget it and go forward, struggling against the flesh to better follow the commands of our God out of love for Him…not fear.

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