Ain’t God Funny?

Good morning lovely people!  I hope you all slept well last night.  I personally slept in an upright position in my favorite chair from 11 to 3 this morning.  Right?!?  But I feel very well rested now.

When I got up this morning, I started a new weekly tradition for myself.  I poured a cup of coffee in my jazz mug.  I sat down at my computer and pulled up Spotify, Billboard, and New Release Today.  I’m in school right now to become a worship leader and I decided that I definitely wanted to start keeping up with Christian music again.  More on that later.

I started two playlists on my Spotify account for two Christian Billboard charts.  “Hot Christian Songs” are the songs that fall in the “Christian” genre that people are really loving and “Christian Airplay” are the songs that are in that same genre that are getting lots of airtime on your local radio station.  I keep two running playlists of the top ten songs on both those charts.  So I’m looking at the latter chart and I start laughing.

The way it usually works is like this: once a song has made it into the top ten, it spends a good amount of time in the top ten fluctuating up and down.  Maybe it’s five this week and  three next week and if that’s the case the number three song has to fall down to four etc.  I have some favorite artists working their way on the charts these last few weeks.  Lauren Daigle, We Are Messengers, Needtobreathe, and Chris Tomlin have been dancing all around with each other.  Today when I logged on and found them in a new order I was not surprised.  But here’s what did surprise me.


Do you see it?

I absolutely love our creator’s sense of humor.  Oh my gosh…the man is hilarious!  And the most amazing thing, is when His joke only serves the purpose of redirecting our eyes back on to Him.  So I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, “Good for y’all.  Wow, Lauren!  What a jump!”  Then I see it.  Do you see it?

Come Alive, Dry Bones.
Magnify, Testify Jesus.

Oh…somebody better be as excited about that as I am!!!  Isn’t that awesome!  I absolutely love it.  Jesus calls out to us in our deadness and He says, “Hey.  Dry bones.  Come alive.”  And once we accept that call we live for nothing more than to magnify and testify Jesus the Christ.

Be sure to check out this week’s set of devotions and have a great week!

Love each other.

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