WORD TO THE WISE: Texas, Okra, and True Stories


It’s been a long week for me!  I’ve been in Texas but I’m finally back in the land of the pines.  Carolina…I love you.  But I digress…let’s jump right in to this week’s “Word to the Wise”.


Like I said, I’ve been in Texas all last week.  I flew in to Dallas and spent the week in Plano.  It was a super fun experience!  I had been in Houston last November and just…didn’t enjoy it so much.  Traffic was the biggest thing.  It is, after all, a gorgeous city.  But this was more my scene.  Dallas is a big city as well, and Plano is still bigger than Mt. Airy, but I found a few nice family parks and spent some time in a hammock in the sunshine.  Taking that into account, we all know I liked this trip better!  I was at a seminar at this amazing place called “The Hope Center”.  If you click the name of the building you’ll find out a little more about it, but it is basically a business center.  A three story building filled with over forty different Christian non-profits.  It was a beautiful facility and a lot of fun.  I was with an organization called “e3” and they are actually the parent company to “I Am Second”.  I got to meet one of the white chairs!  I’VE NEVER MET A FAMOUS CHAIR BEFORE!  I really was worried about being alone for such a “long” period of time…but God met me where I was.  Funny how He does that…


So, I definitely think of myself as a foodie.  Not like a hipster foodie who does organic wheat grass and will only eat at places that do certain things.  I’m a foodie as in a person who adores food regardless of nationality, spice profile, and fiscal circumstances (although the fiscal part sometimes excludes me from partaking).  Anyway, I was looking for a super Texasy place to eat and I discovered this little joint in Plano called “Love and War in Texas”.  Now, I will say you should never take your mama to this place.  Because as soon as you’ve tasted the first bite…you will wanna slap your mama.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  For an appetizer I ordered a basket of fried okra and fried black eyed peas.  What?  Seriously.  They were delicious.  They came with something called “Texas Ranch” which tasted kind of like a bacon ranch.  For my entree, I had “The Hunt”.  LOL.  I mean, the name of this plate is “The Hunt”.  Bahahahahahaha!!!  It was venison sausage, quail, and a duck kabob (duck is my favorite).  It was served with garlic whipped potatoes and cowboy caviar.  I really and truly can’t say enough about how amazing this food was!  Then…I know.  I’ve already had enough but I was going to be up late packing so I opted for a take home snack.  Then…I ordered the Oatmeal Texas.  Three fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies.  Cinnamon ice cream.  Whipped cream.  Caramel sauce.  Folks…seriously.  Go to Texas and eat at Love and War in Texas.  Your mouth will love you for it.

True Stories

I was in Texas for the same reason I was there in November.  Orality.  Now…if you don’t remember what orality is then please click here.  Now, I this seminar was actually learning how to teach other people, and I am looking forward to putting that into practice.  But from both seminars I have developed a new element of my Bible study that is opening my eyes and blowing my mind.  You see, every time you start telling a story from the Bible you want to give it an intro.  So they suggest you say, “This is a true story from the Word of God”.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Y’all…starting scripture off by telling myself and my mind, heart, and soul that this is a true story has absolutely changed my life.  It has radicalized the way I interact with scripture.  I want to encourage everyone reading this to try it.  The next time you pick up your Bible to read, before you read the first word, say out loud: “This is a true story from the word of God”.  Because it is.  It is a true story.  True story.

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